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January 4 - 11, 2025 
Ubud, Bali 

Are YOU READY to take the next big step in your acroyoga journey?

This training program will help you break through the intermediate barrier and UNLOCK ADVANCED ACRO SKILLS. Plus you will learn how TEACH and COACH acro in the most effective and impactful way.


If you find yourself answering 'YES' to some of the following questions:

  • Do you want to learn Castaways and other Icarians, Whips, Standing Hand to Hands and many advanced skills?

  • Do you want to develop industry leading acroyoga teaching and coaching skills?

  • Do you want to build proper training habits and learn to create your own custom acro training plans?

  • Are you committed to building a long and successful acro practice that lasts and continues to grow?

  • Do you want to become skilled and knowledgeable in multiple aspects and types of acroyoga?

  • Are you bored of the same weekly classes and finding your progress and growth in acro is slow? 

  • Are you stuck doing the same washing machines and acro moves, and need new inspiration and ideas?

  • Do you see others learning advanced acro skills, but don't know how to learn them safely yourself? 

  • Do you want an intensive acro training program that will challenge you and bring you faster results?

  • Do you desire to grow your skills and abilities to look effortless and easy like other top acro teachers?

  • Do you have a dedicated acro partner and want to develop your partnership to reach its full potential?

  • Do you want to be skilled enough to make any flyers or base achieve a skill safely with you?

This training will give you all of this and more!

At the end of this 1 week Acroyoga Training Program you will develop the techniques, skills and knowledge to grow your practice to an advanced level. You will learn and be able to implement many valuable teaching and coaching tools to make your acro teaching highly effective. 

You will gain new inputs to your training approach and methodology, and experience a shift and significant level up in your physical practice.

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AcroSpirit’s approach to the practice and teachings of Acroyoga goes far beyond the physical skills!

We see Acroyoga as a beautiful pathway to greater connection, communication, teamwork, trust, empathy, support, friendship and play. 

Together we grow, learn and share this incredible practice with each other to reach new heights both figuratively and literally!

We strongly stand for unity, inclusiveness and empowering each other to rise together beyond our individual limits.

Through Acroyoga we become more than a community, we become a family.

At our events we implement the AcroSpirit Code of Conduct for the safety and clarity of all participants and teachers. See full details here

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Caspian Burrell and Laura Ilona are the Lead Teachers guiding this level 2 training.

Together they are an international Acroyoga teaching pair who have taught at countless different Acroyoga Festivals, Retreats and Trainings.


They are well-rounded acroyoga teachers, who value learning and teaching all different types of acro skills and teaching to all levels of students.

They are also both professional yoga teachers with extensive experience teaching studio classes and for various yoga teacher trainings, and both have backgrounds in martial arts.

Caspian is the founder of AcroSpirit and his aim in teaching is to introduce this practice to more people, and pass on the many benefits and joys it has brought into his life, to others.

Laura also loves sharing the joy and connection that acro brings, and she brings her professional educational teaching knowledge and excellent communication skills into her acro teaching too.

Together they will lead you through this intermediate training and help you achieve your acro goals.

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"Laura & Caspian are not just very experienced acroyogis capable of stunning performances, but they are also both very skilled teachers. I learned so much about proper technique at their Acroyoga Foundations training and would highly recommend it."

Divya Darling - AcroSpirit Level 1 Graduate


Photo/video content of this page made by @najam.vsl, @wariananda, @jgor_cava or belongs to AcroSpirit collection. 


  • AcroSpirit Level 2 Manual - (150+ color pages with detailed information and pictures to help your practice).

  • AcroSpirit goodie bag

  • AcroSpirit t-shirt

  • The full teaching course content

  • 2 meals per day provided at the venue

  • Professional photoshoot during the course

  • Personalized coaching, tips and advice from our Lead teachers

  • Certificate upon successful completion (accredited with Yoga Alliance as 50hrs continued education)

  • Accommodation at the venue during the training (options available if needed)


This course has been designed to provide you with all of the technical and theoretical knowledge and skills needed to take your acroyoga practice beyond the intermediate level.

The content we will cover is the most essential and technically valuable in growing you towards an advanced acroyoga practice. We will focus on progressions, drills and understanding skills, so you will be able to continue to practice and develop after the training.


In the theoretical classes we will bring more focus to teaching and coaching techniques and practices, whilst looking deeper into professional development, advanced training tips, community leading and injury prevention/management.



  • Teaching progressive skills, drills, and techniques to safely learn advanced skills.

  • Promoting the best high-level safety and spotting practices.

  • Teaching and practicing supportive and positive communication.

  • Developing industry best practices for acroyoga teaching and coaching skills


This is NOT a full Acroyoga Teacher Training. We do put some focus and sessions towards teaching practice and refining teaching skills during the training, however a large focus is on developing your own practice and acro skills. 

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Most days will begin with pre-hab exercises and warm-ups to prepare the body, combined with handstand drills to improve your understanding and ability in this critical skill.

After a hearty breakfast, we will explore an acroyoga theory topic in depth, which will involve group questions, discussion, and often practical exercises to implement and put the theory in to practice.

After theory we will have a practical acro workshop, focussed on one set of skills or techniques, building up progressions and drills and working in depth on the main focus skills.

After a relaxed lunch break, we will dive into another theory topic, followed by a different acro workshop (most days the two acro workshops will focus on different parts of the body and different skill sets to not cause overuse in one bodypart).

After the last acro workshop we will give some time for therapeutic practices like thai yoga massage, flying acro therapeutics or time for personal stretching and cool down, all to help the body recover and rest.

Each days content, and the overall week is designed with your experience, enjoymment and longevity in mind, we include several break and rest periods to allow more time for the body to recover and manage with the programs intensity.

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Day Schedule Example:

07.30 - 08.30  
08.30 - 09.30  
09.30 - 10.30    
10.30 - 12.30      
12.30 - 14.00      
14.00 - 15.00       
15.00 - 17.30     
17.30 - 18.30          

Warm ups, prehab and handstands
Acro Theory - Teaching 1

Acro Class - Hand to Hands 1
Acro Theory - Training Partnerships
Acro Class - Icarians 2

Thai Yoga Massage    

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As part of this training, you will be required to demonstrate either the basing or flying for several of the skills and movements covered in the training along with the appropriate spotting for each.

You will have a short written examination focussed on many of the theory topics and technical aspects you will have learnt during the training program.

Upon successful completion of the practical and written exams, graduates of the course will receive a certification of completion which is accredited as 50hrs continued education credits with Yoga Alliance.

We believe that whether your intention is to teach/coach Acroyoga, to get more advanced and skilled in Acroyoga, or to become a community leader. This training and experience will allow you to unlock all of that and more!

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For safety reasons, this training is only suitable for intermediate and above acroyoga practitioners, a set of pre-requisite skills are required to be submitted in the sign-up process for the training.

To join this training you will be required to submit videos of the following pre-requisite skills:

 - 4 Step Washing Machine

 - Bird to Bird (Front Plank) Icarian

 - Standing Bird on Hands (High Bird)

 - Handstand Kick Up and hold for 10 secs (can use a wall for support)

Additionally, you must confirm that you are capable of performing the following skills (video submissions for these skills are not required):

 - Ninja Star Washing Machine

 - Reverse Star

 - Standing Two High

 - L-base Foot to Hand (Low or Extended)

 - Front Plank to Straddle Throne Pop

 - Monkey Swings (Whip Progression)

For all of the pre-requisite skill submissions you can use a spotter for safety, but they can not assist and help to make the skill or movement happen. We need to see that you are able to perform these skills by yourself.





We welcome all nationalities and languages, and Acroyoga is a practice that uses non-verbal communication too! 

But please be aware that all our course materials and lessons are delivered in clear and easy to understand spoken and written English.

acroyoga retreat bali


All dietary requirements will be catered for from gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and more. 

You can choose each day from an incredible tasty selection of local indonesian cuisine, but with western infusions and options too.

Breakfast meals will be buffet style, and lunches selected from an a la carte menu.

acroyoga retreat bali


If you wish to stay at the Resort Location - Om Ham Retreat where we will hold the training, beautiful luxury rooms are available to book.

All rooms come with ensuite showers, air conditioning and a modern clean style, with double bed or twin bed options if you wish to share.



The pricing options below are all-inclusive of training course, training manual, certification, 2 meals per day, goodie bag and t-shirt.

You will have the option of purchasing a refund protection policy through a 3rd party organisation called refund protect when purchasing your ticket. You can find the full details in the ticket portal when you go to purchase, and you can read the full terms of their policy here. All refunds must be dealt with via the 3rd party.

All tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable (other than via the above mentioned refund policy).

12,500,000*/13,500,000 IDR - Training Without Accommodation

14,500,000*/15,500,000 IDR - Training With Shared Accommodation

16,500,000*/17,500,000 IDR - Training With Private Accommodation

*Early Bird Prices for the first 6 signups


Acroyoga is a practice that will give you so much, even beyond the amazing physical skills.

In this training you will form deep friendships, find meaningful connections, and learn to communicate, play and have fun in a genuine way.

This experience and the skills you gain will transform your understanding and approach to the most important form of contact in your everyday life - human connection!

Book your spot to reserve your place on this incredible training.

We can’t wait for you to become part of our AcroSpirit family!