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Flo & Lloydie


Originally from the UK with a mixed Jamaican and English heritage, Lloydie grew up with a deep love for movement and physical activity, practising and competing in football, sprinting, ultra marathon trail running, rock climbing, calisthenics, and cycling. He later developed a passion for acroyoga and yoga, quit his job of 18 years as a London Firefighter, and moved to Bali to teach acroyoga with his partner Flora as a duo, Dubble Up. His main joys are L-basing and fun transitions, and he likes to encourage practitioners to learn the basics, and then focus on synchronizing their energy and movement patterns to create beautiful sequences.


Orininally a Hungarian-Slovakian, Flora has been nomadic around the world for 12+ years, having lived at places like Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia and the UK. She has a movement background in competitive ballroom dancing, swimming, calisthenics, freediving and yoga. She developed a passion for acro yoga through practising with her now-partner Lloydie, who she met in London. Together they left the UK and moved to Bali to pursue their dream of teaching acro yoga as a duo which they named Dubble Up.

Flo’s primary intention as yoga and acro yoga teacher is helping students develop a sustainable, attainable, consistent and enjoyable holistic movement practice. Within acro, she likes to put great emphasis on having fun while playing as well as aesthetics: the smoothness, gracefulness, engagement, and paying attention to the little details that make the movement all the more flowing and elegant.


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