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Tori & Jack

Meet Tori and Jack! Australia based teaching duo!! Seeing every moment as a chance to learn and grow, this duo teaches more than just movement in their classes.

Tori is an acrobat, teacher, pixie and adventurous empath with an infectious energy that draws people to her. She intuitively guides, teaches and inspires a wide audience through her generous and supportive ways of sharing her incredible acro talents and knowledge. Her gift is connection. Connection to self, others, nature, creation and the unseen world. She will challenge you to stop, feel and listen. This is where you will discover your magic.

Jack has been a passionate physical artist for the majority of his adult life. With his background in Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais and AcroYoga he has developed a deep and profound love for connecting to himself and others through movement and physicality. He thrives on creating meaningful connections and facilitating safe and fun environments for people to learn, share, connect and play. 

Together Tori and Jack combine their passion for acro with their years of experience to bring you high level learning opportunities and a whole lot of fun.


We always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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