Acroyoga Story Time... How Acroyoga can change your life (Teaching my first big Acro Class)

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Sometimes to get inspired with what you're doing or where you want to go, you need to listen and learn from someone who's already there, and already done it.

Today I'm sharing a collection of tips that I learnt from one of the best Acroyoga teachers in Bali (Sheryl Sharaswhaty), and you can also hear directly from her about her journey in my interview episode with Sheryl.

The first-ever acro classes I taught were with Astri and we ran some small classes with only a handful of students., most of which we knew from our jams and community.

These were some amazing, super personal and fun classes and I learnt so much from them and from Astri.

But today I want to tell you about the first time I taught a big acro class full of students I had never met.

I think the first time I actually taught a big acro class was when I was a co-teacher with Sheryl for one of her regular beginner classes.

Sheryl is a wonderfully experienced, confident and skilled teacher, and she handles beginner classes beautifully with the right amount of encouragement, difficulty and clear teachings.