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Losing your Acro Virginity!

If you haven't tried it yet, you might think that Acroyoga is scary.

It's a bit like when you have sex for the first time it can be exciting, nerve-wracking, exhilerating, feel amazing, and make you want to do more!

Today we are sharing how Acroyoga brings so much fun, connection, togetherness and especially if it's your first ever time, fear and excitement.

We also have an episode about one of our beginners retreats which is one of the best ways to have your first ever Acro experience, check it out...

As the title suggests...

We're going to be talking about what happens when you lose your acro virginity!

Or in a more pc way of saying, when you try acro for the first time.

We actually had several people who had never done acro before join one of our recent weekend Acroyoga retreats.

That was the inspiration for this email...

For 90% of acro first-timers.

This is the typical responses and reactions that I see/hear:

  • "wow, that was so much fun"

  • "that's way easier than I thought"

  • "omg, acro is amazing"

  • "I've always wanted to try it, but never thought I could do it"

Genuinely that is how nearly everyone always reacts when they pop their acro cherry.

The other 10% tend to react saying that it's not for them.

  • They struggle with touching others or being touched.

  • Find it difficult to trust others.

  • They can't overcome their fears, or their fears are too strong.

The funny thing is for that 10%...

The reasons they shy away from acro are the exact reasons why and how it could help them.

But of course acro isn't everyone's cup of tea and that's okay.

What I want to highlight with this message is...

That for almost everyone acro is a positive and amazing experience.

A bit like sky diving or going to a concert.

But the brilliant thing about Acroyoga is that it's super accessible.

It's so freakin easy to do.

So it doesn't have to be a one time thing or rare event like sky diving or a concert that you do once a year or once in your life.

You can go back day after day for more and more.

  • You can have more fun.

  • Learn new skills and moves.

  • Make more friends.

It's the gift that keeps on giving the deeper you go into the practice.

Because here's the other thing about when you lose your acro virginity...

A lot of that 90% of people that try don't keep coming regularly.

I think this is because they aren't aware of how deep this practice goes.

How much it can give and how much you can learn from it.

So my advice to the acro virgins...

And to those who have just given it their first try and enjoyed it, is this...

Try it again and again and again.

Just like sex you aren't very good at it the first few times.

It takes practice.

Even if you enjoyed it quite a bit the first time.

Just trust me when I tell you the more you do it.

The better it gets.

The more fun, pleasurable and amazing it is.

Especially with different and more experienced people.

I'm talking about Acroyoga btw! HAHA!

I really encourage you to stick with it, go to at least 5 jams or classes.

Once you've done just those few, I bet you'll get hooked.

Just like one of my recent student.


That was amazing! That was amazing.


Met amazing friends, had an amazing experience we did hiking because a cool waterfall first waterfall experience for me. I feel like the universe brought me here, as usual, I was able to be introduced to Acroyoga.


The retreat was amazing! I'm excited that I may meet amazing people and finally found like a small community I've always wanted to try Acroyoga and I did pretty good.

So it was really good.

And it just introduced me into a whole new world of what I would honestly love to be interested in learning Furthermore, and such a beautiful environment beautiful souls.

You know, coming down to it is not about you know, a certain amount of weight or whatnot, it's more so just trusting one another.

And it's not even a matter of strength either, it's just more so a dynamic that you have with the being that you are, I guess doing the pose with.

It's just I'm really grateful because it's mostly I see that it is just connection and bonding with one another honestly a really genuine sense of communication without words is really good.

The biggest thing is to be open and trusting connecting with one another.


And now I have new friends to hang out with healthier activities to continue to do yeah, just couldn't be happier I came here


I got to meet a lot of people and make new friends and I only knew a few people before going and now I have a great group of people that I'm happy to hang out with have dinner with and do Acroyoga with.

Speaker 1

The most fun was the waterfall.

Like the second waterfall It was pretty intense getting there and getting back, but just looking at that beauty and at one point we're all just in the water splashing each other and laughing and it was, it was epic.

George Yi

I really enjoyed the waterfall hikes.

It's a really good way to like to cool down and as you're kind of walking with the hikes are really short.

But then, you get to actually meet the other people as part of the camp and just you know go swim with them and just like jump in the water and have fun, lots of stuff like that.


The retreat was amazing. I enjoyed it so much. Yep, cool people cool, cool community amazing classes I learned so much and I actually really got a deep connection with other people and I really enjoyed it highly recommend this event.


Acroyoga to me is what to me it's about play and building trust and connection with other people and I like that it's a physical activity. It connects my breath with another person. And I I love that it's built a community


That was amazing saw spin in the fire and that was transforming right there. Just even hearing the fire and being able to oh my gosh! like I can't even explain that. Okay, that probably was my one of the best. Yeah, that was good.

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