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Our Third Episode has arrived!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The third installment of The Acroyoga Show has just released on YouTube.


In this episode, I am giving 6 main reasons to try out or get started with Acroyoga.

For you Acroaddicts who are already hooked on this practice, there is plenty of funny content and acro footage. Plus a good chance to see yourself in the video if you're part of our community.

Part of the point of this youtube channel is to introduce more people to Acroyoga.

I am sure this will be a great episode to introduce new people to the practice and encourage them to give it a go.

So if you know some people you think would like to try or have expressed some interest in acro before.

Then please share this episode with them.

Hopefully, we will all have some new acro friends to play with!

To check it out just hit the play button on the video below

See you inside the episode!


Today we're going over six reasons why you should check out Acroyoga.

Let's dive straight in.

Welcome to The Acroyoga Show.

My name is Caspian Burrell.

I'm gonna be your host today, and I'm sharing with you six main reasons why you should check out Acroyoga and you should give it a go if you haven't already.

Reason number one is because you're gonna laugh, you're gonna smile, you're gonna have so much fun.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to go around your friend's house, you'd knock on the door, be like hey!! can you come out and play.

That is exactly how we are in Acroyoga. We actually ask people to come and play with us.

That's the term we use when we invite people into a jam, into space.

So, you're gonna play tons.

Reason two is friendship.

You're gonna build amazing meaningful deep friendships as I have in the last few years doing acro.

I've met so many good friends, so many wonderful friends and it's because of the trust, because of the communication we use.

We build these really meaningful friendships, and you generate a community at the same time as all wonderful people, so this is one of the biggest reasons why.

I've got into acro and why I think you should give it a go if you're looking for more friends.

Number three get fit with Acroyoga.

Instead of lifting weights, you can lift people, like lovely Callan here. Have lots of fun while you're doing it.

Maybe do some squats, super good for you and you have so much fun.

You don't even notice that you're working out.

Reason number four communication.

Acro is amazing because you have to work with people you've never met before or people who maybe speak a different language to you.

I've even done some acro with someone who is deaf and mute so it's an incredible

experience to do these kinds of things to do this practice where you touch people and you work with non-verbal communication too.

So you kind of sense how they're feeling. The verbal communication is super important as well so the brilliant thing about this is it transfers to the rest of your life too.

You can become a better friend, a better partner, and better in you, your workplace as a result of doing acro. So communication.

Reason number five achieve the impossible, or what you think that you can't do maybe.

I have a lot of people talk to me before they've ever done acro yoga and they look at it and they see it and they just they think it's way out of their league.

It's too difficult, you need to be advanced, you need to be a gymnast to do it. Those things

are just really not true.

Anyone can do this practice and you can get really good at it in a short amount of time just like anything.

So the amazing thing about this is you see something that looks so impressive and so amazing and I guarantee you'll be able to do it in less time than you think.

So achieving the impossible is number five.

Reason six, let's be real, everyone finds Acroyoga or has seen it on Instagram.

The reality is you're gonna get great content, great pictures, and make some really cool stuff for people to see about acro yoga.

That you'll create some awesome, stunning visuals and make all your friends jealous.

And that's one of the biggest draws for people to try Acroyoga.

And as much as I love the practice in the art form as it is, one of the added benefits is I create these cool things to share with people and that is super fun.

So to recap, here are six reasons why you should be doing Acroyoga or starting if you haven't already.

One: having fun,

Two: making friends, three: getting fit,

Four: being a better communicator,

Five: achieving something you think is impossible and Six: making incredible content for your Instagram or wherever it is where you're gonna post this stuff.

Thank you for watching to the end of this video. If you enjoyed it, please hit the like button and subscribe.

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