• Brent

Is Training Still Fun? Or Is Play The Real Goal...

Updated: Mar 16

I was drawn to acro yoga because it is a fun way to connect with my partner authentically.

I find myself playing as a kid, pure and unencumbered. No intention or outside motivation other than to simply be in the moment. Exactly as it is.

As such, it is a beautiful part of the acro yoga practice.

acro yoga acroyoga group poses jam

Acro yoga is a moving meditation. When I play, I let go of any distractions and live in the moment.

I do not think about what I will eat for dinner or what I will wear to the party tonight. I am not concerned with how many likes that I received on my latest Instagram post or if I have received a new Facebook message.

​ I am purely in the moment. It is beautiful.

​ The experience is between my partner and me. We connect, intermingle, roll around, and smile together.