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Introducing The AcroGlue: Premium Liquid Chalk - your ultimate ally in the sweatiest of acroyoga sessions!

This isn't just any chalk; it's a magical blend that grips like glue, ensuring you won't slip even in the most intense moments. Think of it as your superhero of stickiness, turning slippery situations into stable successes. Whether you're defying gravity in a challenging pose or holding a partner in mid-air, you'll be ready to stick the landing every time with The AcroGlue on your hands!

It's a superior blend of liquid chalk and natural adhesive, creating a strong, tactile grip for the most challenging skin-to-skin contacts. Ideal for situations where sweat might compromise grip, The AcroGlue ensures long-lasting stickiness.

Formulated with 100% pure, non-toxic ingredients, and is both anti-bacterial and dermatologist-approved.

The AcroGlue is meant to be taken on the go in a 100mL snap-closure bottle that is suitable for air travel, allowing you to maintain your acro practice wherever you want to fly.

Safe, non-toxic, and travel-friendly, it's the charming little secret behind your acroyoga superpowers.

The AcroGlue has got your grip!

The AcroGlue: Premium Liquid Chalk

  • Instructions for Use

    Apply liberally to skin and rub together until sticky. Quickly becomes tactile with us. Reapply as needed.

    Outstanding performance during the sweatiest of sessions, in hot & humid climates, and on stage when every grip counts.

  • Specialized Hand-to-Hand Formula

    State-of-the-art tactile grip that far beyond exceeds any liquid chalk you've used before!

    Specifically designed for skin-to-skin contact and rigorously testes by the most challenging hand-to-hand grips. Holds up during those sweaty moments without sacrificing your grip.

    Long lasting and durable to hold the connection when you need it most!

    The AcroGlue is so much more than other chalk and won't let you down.

    Designed by acro yogis, for acro yogis.

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