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Cbt Nuggets Powershell Cheat Sheet 70 410 Pdf Download Full [Latest] 2022




ptn files (no file extensions) that you have uploaded to the Canvas site. 2. Go to the Canvas site under Students in a course and click on the course for which you will be viewing the final exam. If you click on the title for the course, you will be taken to the Course Overview page. On this page, click on the Details link. Click on the Format link. Click on the Grading link. You will be taken to the Assignment Submission page for the course. Click on the Permissions link. This will take you to the Final Exam Submission page. Click on the Enter Final Exam Submission for a Course. You will be taken to the Exam Details page. **NOTE**: The Instructor is not available in course navigation until the course is no longer locked. For more information, see [Understand how the course is locked]( ![](images/2.14/2.14.1.png) 1. Open your.ptn file on your desktop. 2. Use the drag-and-drop tool to upload the.ptn file. 1. Navigate to the image of the folder on your desktop. 2. Drag the.ptn file into the folder. 3. Press the Enter key when the dialog box says, “Choose file(s) to upload.” 3. Click on the Save button. 4. Click on the Submit button. 5. The.ptn file will be added to the Assignment Submission. **NOTE**: While you are working on the Course Overview page, the uploaded files are temporarily stored in the Uploads folder in the folder that you uploaded them to. ![](images/2.14/2.14.2.png) **Part 4: Submit the completed exam to the Instructor** 1. Review the exam. 2. Choose Submit Exam, the last tab. 3. Click on the Create a Submission Form button




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Cbt Nuggets Powershell Cheat Sheet 70 410 Pdf Download Full [Latest] 2022

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