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Sheryl Sharaswhaty

Sheryl started her journey with Acroyoga and Thai Massage in 2012, when she moved to Bali and left her corporate job.


Acroyoga and Thai Yoga Massage became the practices she likes to do, not just because of the fun, but also how these practices turn strangers into a family in common unity.


In 2013 she decided to join a Thai Yoga Massage training, and after she completed her Acroyoga Vinyasa teacher's training in 2015 she has regularly taught Acroyoga and Thai Yoga Massage since.


Thai Yoga Massage has allowed Sheryl to dive deep into the practice of meditation in motion and explore different body types and allows her to connect with the other person through touch. It also teaches her to slow down and listen, even though she loves the dynamic aspects of Thai Massage, the static aspect of it allows her to touch not only the energy layers of the body but also the emotional layers. She believes Thai Massage should be spread across all generations to understand more about the essence of being human, being present and being humble.


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