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the acroback acro yoga acroyoga lower back support pillow wedge basing base
acroback acroyoga acro prillow wedge cushion support


PROTECT and SUPPORT your lower back,
hamstrings, spine, and hips while L-basing.


acroback acroyoga near me
acroback acroyoga near me
acroback acroyoga near me

Bali, Indonesia

acroback acroyoga near me

United Kindom

acroback acroyoga near me




The AcroBack is THE solution to all of your acro basing problems!

Do you have tight hamstrings?

Do you suffer from back pain?

Do you need protection in Pops/Icarians?

Do you need more comfort when basing on a hard surface?

Do you struggle to base for a long time?

This lower back support wedge is designed to fit under your back and hips to provide support and protection while basing.

The AcroBack has got your back!



acroback acroyoga poses


This is what the AcroBack was created for... Protect your spine and level up your L-basing!

acroback acroyoga poses


The AcroBack helps you generate more power and stability in dynamic pop skills, and absorbs more energy when you catch!

acroback acroyoga poses


The AcroBack doubles up as a great massage cushion. Ideal for supporting either the receiver or giver.

acroback acroyoga poses


Find more comfort in your meditations, yoga poses or just casual sitting by aligning your spine and tilting your hips.

How It's Made


AcroBack Story


acroback acroyoga beginner

Hi, my name is Brent and I'm the creator of The AcroBack!

In my acro practice, I suffer from severe back pain due to a disabled back. This is why I originally created The AcroBack so that I could support my lower back and do acro without pain.

I saw many others with tight hamstrings, lower back pain, or similar problems suffering through their practice. While most people didn’t have a solution, some used a rolled up yoga mat or a small pillow, (neither of which are ergonomic, nor comfortable).

I shared The AcroBack with them and it quickly caught on. Everyone who tried it, loved it, so I made one for everyone in my community...

acroback acroyoga beginner

Jose Flores

"When I started with Acroyoga, one of the things that bothered me was that my back was often hurting after training. 

When I got to try the AcroBack, I immediately loved it.

It not only helped with my backaches but also improved my stability while basing.

I am super happy that I got my AcroBack at the beginning of my Acroyoga journey. Now there is nothing in the way :)"

acroback acroyoga beginner

Michael Henri

"The AcroBack is a game-changer.


You don't even know you need it until you start using it, and then you realize how much better practicing can be.


Whether your lower back gets sore or you have tight hamstrings, the AcroBack has the support you need."

acroback acroyoga beginner

Tony Xiao

"The AcroBack is literally the best physical item I bought in 2020.

It's so versatile, I use it not just for acro. It's a sit down anywhere cushion, an airplane seat adjuster, a dog leash, a key holder, and of course a statement of my love for Acroyoga.


It's pretty unique and I always take it with me when I go hang out, even if I'm not planning on doing Acro."




We care about your acro practice. We guarantee that The AcroBack is made to the highest standard and meets your expectations.


If you find any issue with The AcroBack, we will do our best to make it right.
That’s our quality guarantee to you so that you know The AcroBack has got your back!

acroback acroyoga beginner


Do you LOVE your AcroBack and want to share it with your community? Are you an acroyoga teacher and would like to use The AcroBack in your classes? 


We are looking for acroyoga community leaders, teachers, event organizers, and studio owners. Anyone who shares our passion for protection, safety, and comfort. 


Let us know and you could become an AmBACKador today! This program is designed to help you share The AcroBack with your community and help spread the acro love.

We've created 3 different programs to help you share the AcroBack with your friends/students/community and earn commission with us.


Choose the appropriate program and apply below.

acroback acroyoga poses



If you're an Acroyoga Influencer or Acroyoga fanatic, or even an established leader in your Acro community then this is the program for you.

We would love to partner with you to provide a discounted rate to your followers/community members and earn you a commission at the same time.

If you're interested to spread awareness and love for The AcroBack then please fill out the application below...

Coming Soon
acroback acro yoga bali


If you run Acroyoga events like:

•  Acroyoga Festivals

•  Acroyoga Teacher Trainings

•  Acroyoga Workshops/Immersions

•  Acroyoga Retreats

Then this is the program for you.


We would love to partner with you to provide AcroBack's for use and demonstration for both teachers and students at your event, plus for sale with additional commission too.


Just submit an application for your event below...

Coming Soon
acroback acro yoga bali


If you own a shop that sells yoga goods, or have a yoga studio with a shop then this is the program for you.

We would love to partner and work with you to stock the AcroBack on your shelves. 

Simply fill out the form in the link below where you will also find all of the relevant information regarding wholesale, stock and re-ordering. 

Coming Soon


Coming Soon...