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Welcome to Acrospirit. We are an Acroyoga community in Bali and hosts of The Acroyoga Show

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AcroSpirit is a community that is committed to supporting, growing and helping one another to achieve our dreams!

Our motto is “in unity we rise” and this message is at the heart of everything we do!

We’re here to help you discover, learn and grow your own Acroyoga practice, and through this build deep friendships, supportive communities and bring more fun into your life.

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“I had a great experience of learning Acro yoga with AcroSpirit. Great teachers, challenging and accommodating. Their class was filled with lots of fun and smiles, and their experience and knowledge helped us to build the skills and speed up the process of learning”


Summer Acroyoga Retreat 2023 participant

"Loved everything in the last Summer Retreat with Ksenia and Barry! 
The Best Weekend! I liked the busy schedule and of course the option to opt out of anything - the location and level of training was amazing. I learnt so much! The food was sensational. Can't wait to do another next year!"

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Divya Darling

"Laura & Caspian are not just very experienced acroyogis capable of stunning performances, but they are also both very skilled teachers. I learned so much about proper technique at their Acroyoga Foundations training and would highly recommend it."

AcroSpirit Level 1 Graduate

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Anthea Taeuber

“The level of trust and fun AcroSpirit creates is unparalleled. Acroyoga put the passion back into my life”.


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Nicole Kuffer

“The training has exceeded all my expectations. Laura and Caspian taught us the foundations as a base, flyer and spotter which deepened my understanding of the poses and let me improve in an unbelievably fast way. The program was accompanied by all the other important things of AcroYoga practice like safety, communication, mindfulness, handstands and some Thai Yoga massage. I would definitely recommend this training to everyone who wants to get their foundations right and learn more than just the physical performance”

AcroSpirit Level 1 Graduate


Lilly Panholzer

"I was impressed by the positive energy of Laura and Caspian, they are knowledgeable, supportive, professional and very patient teachers. The course included all aspects important in acroyoga: warm-ups, handstands, training, theory, games, massages, communication, spotting, a photo shoot and much more, and it was immensely fun! It was a very fulfilling experience that I would recommend anyone interested in Acroyoga and interested in learning safely with amazing teachers."

AcroSpirit Level 1 Graduate


Natalie Hore

"I would highly recommend taking this training course if you are new to acro or just wanting to improve foundational poses. Their skills, teaching style, passion and abilities to explain and manage the training sessions as well as provide a safe environment to practice and just be yourself are second to none! Best training course I've ever been on! So many learnings that it's best to say I'm a more rounded Yogi, person and now an acro practioner too!"

AcroSpirit Level 1 Graduate


Eric Polatty

"My only regret with the AcroSpirit Foundations Course is that I wasn't able to do it sooner. I believe taking this course will set you up for a successful journey with acro and progress so much faster. But even if you already have some experience coming in like I did. You will find it tremendously beneficial."

AcroSpirit Level 1 Graduate

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Answers coming your way :)

If you have any questions or inquiries, our ears are always open. We would love to hear from you.