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This code of conduct is for use and applies to all AcroSpirit events. 
We are also happy if this by extension can help the global Acroyoga community to be more safe and inclusive.

We are therefore happy to share this code of conduct with any individuals, teachers or communities that may wish to use it.

A handy pdf version is available for sharing and printing.
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1. INTRODUCTION What is a code of conduct?
A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the norms, rules, and responsibilities or proper practices of an event or organization.
What is the goal/purpose of this code of conduct?

  • Creating an environment in which all who are involved feel physically and emotionally safe, by considering behavior and respecting the rights, dignity and worth of every person.
  • Contributing to preventing the abuse of power in a broad sense.
  • Promoting and monitoring of safety, health and wellbeing.
  • Making Acroyoga spaces safe, inclusive, diverse and welcoming for everyone.

Conduct in Action
  • Those involved can hold each other accountable for compliance of the code of conduct.
  • Behavior that is not included in the code of conduct is not automatically permissible.
  • We allow room for personal or culture-related differences as long as they do not conflict with the general rules of conduct.
AcroSpirit’s mission is to promote the positive aspects and benefits of Acroyoga, and share these within the Acroyoga community and beyond.
AcroSpirit believes that everyone has the right to protection from discrimination, harassment, abuse and exploitation - be it physical, emotional, sexual abuse, neglect, bullying or discrimination based on gender, race, or otherwise.
If any facilitator, teacher or participant in any capacity is subjected to or engages in abusive behavior or misconduct, it undermines the mission and code of conduct of AcroSpirit which is considered a danger for the community.

We acknowledge that by default there is always a power dynamic / authority relationship between facilitators, teachers and students. It is therefore the responsibility of the facilitators and teachers to set and protect the boundaries and code of conduct as appropriate.
AcroSpirit Facilitators and Teachers commit to:

  • Respect their position of trust and maintain appropriate boundaries with students.
  • Lead by example by promoting good sportsmanship and being a role model.
  • Not engage in sexual activities with a student when in a position of power or when a power dynamic is in effect.
  • Deal confidentially with personal information and not share this information unless necessary and with consent.
  • Challenge and report any form of bullying or abusive behavior amongst and towards any individuals.
  • Act in the best interest of any child, young person or vulnerable adult.
  • Do not abuse the dependency function that results from his/her position.
Failure to abide by this Code of Conduct will result in appropriate action being taken against the individual. Such actions may include public acknowledgement and corrective actions, or suspension or termination of teaching and/or participating at AcroSpirit events.

The following code of conduct applies to all facilitators, teachers and participants at any AcroSpirit organized events, if any of these codes of conduct are violated or broken, the event facilitators will respond by taking appropriate steps and actions (this may involve direct communication, a warning system, removal from the event, and potential blacklisting from future AcroSpirit events).

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Safety - Acroyoga involves risks, whilst these cannot be completely eliminated, we encourage using appropriate safety measures and practices whenever possible. Repeated incidents of unsafe practice or putting others at significant safety risks will not be tolerated.
Boundaries & Consent - We expect everyone to respect other people’s boundaries and consent, by accepting a response without coercing, shaming or other abusive or manipulative language.
Inclusivity - We aim to make participants of all nationalities, genders, body types and backgrounds feel welcome and able to participate in our events. We do not tolerate discrimination e.g. racism, sexism, body shaming etc.
Respect - We respect all different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives, as long as these do not negatively impact another aspect of the code of conduct. Disrespect or intolerance/abuse of others cultures and backgrounds is not tolerated.
Drugs and Alcohol - We have a zero tolerance policy for practicing acroyoga under the influence of drugs, and alcohol, or any other substances that negatively impact your physical and mental state.
Sexual Harassment - We have a zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment/assault. All sexual harassment complaints will be dealt with appropriately and will remain confidential unless such confidentially affects the ability to maintain a safe environment.

Community - Please be aware that you are part of a community practice, and your actions, communication, decisions and interactions may have an impact on others in the community. We encourage you to have a positive influence on this community you are a part of.
Hygiene - Acroyoga is a close and personal activity, please be aware of your general hygiene and have respect for those you are interacting with. Please be mindful of your nails, breath, sweat, hair, smell and general cleanliness.
Clothing - Please wear appropriate clothing for an acroyoga practice. For safety and respect wear clean and well fitted clothing that covers all private parts.
Cleaning Up - Please make sure to clean up after yourself, wipe your sweat off of mats, clear away and store safety equipment and return the space back to the same state you found it in.
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