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Barry & Ksenia


Barry Boullon and Ksenia Ivankova have been teaching acroyoga together in Bali for about 2 years. They’re part of the AcroSpirit Acroyoga Community in Bali that hosts beginner and intermediate acro classes at local yoga studios, training centers and yoga teacher trainings. 


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Barry is originally from California and is passionate about being a teacher. In Bali, Barry teaches regular acroyoga and yoga classes and helps to facilitate jams and retreats. Barry is also the primary teacher at Dragon Tea Temple where he shares his vast knowledge of tea and the Art of tea ceremony. With his lighthearted playfulness and professionalism you can expect to learn, laugh and have fun.


Ksenia has been living in Bali for 4 years and is originally from Russia. She has been teaching acroyoga classes, trainings and workshops for 3 years. She loves introducing acroyoga into peoples lives and seeing how they grow from the practice. Ksenia teaches with an emphasis on precision and safety. Her fun and friendly nature helps students feel comfortable and welcomed. She loves teaching smooth flows in new, exciting ways and keeps students inspired to improve.

Come play with us!

Barry and Ksenia‘s teaching style places an emphasis on building a solid foundation for acroyoga practice. For them it isn’t about what you can do but how well you can do it. With their combined knowledge they guide their students through classical acroyoga poses and transitions with precision. Their aim is to give the skill and awareness necessary to build a better and safer practice.


Their practice is focused on intuitive and creative L-basing. They love smooth flows, pops, hand to hand and beautiful entries/exits. They are great at adapting their classes to meet the capabilities of their students. Their favorite classes break down classic washing machines and give their students the ability to perform them with skill and control.

Class schedule and more

Intermediate Acroyoga class

👆This class for intermediate acroyogis who able to do star, side star, simple washing machines.

Wednesdays 12:30PM - 2PM
Ubud, Bali

Private classes, workshops with one or 2 teachers

We will be happy to create for you individual acro experience.

Send us your request


We always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

WhatsApp +6281238574987

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