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How YOU can become anyone's favourite Acro partner

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

If you wish to become someone's favourite partner in Acro, then we have a few suggestions and guidelines to make that possible. In this article, we will give you two perspectives of how to become a better partner, one from a clothing and another from an attitude perspective.

Let's talk about how to make everyone enjoy playing acro with you and how to be a favoured acro partner.

I have a few different ways that help to make this the case.

But just know, you don't need to be everyone's favourite acro partner.

We don't all get on with every single person we meet, sometimes personalities clash or for whatever reason, you aren't drawn to some people.

That's okay.

You can do several things though to make the experience of playing acro with you much more enjoyable for anyone.

They are:

  • Giving therapeutics and massage as thanks

  • Being positive, happy and encouraging

  • Being skilled and experienced

  • Giving compliments

  • Focussing on the other person needs

To be honest, there is even more than this and many small other things we can do, but I'm just going to focus on the above for now...

Giving therapeutics and massage as thanks:

I don't know many people who wouldn't want a free massage.

Personally, I would be at the front of the queue if they were being offered.

So imagine if every time you played acro with someone they gave you a mini massage or therapeutic acro session!

You'd be super happy to play with them again and again, right?

So it's pretty simple, start incorporating it into your practice, get used to giving a little bit of massage every time you play with someone.

I'll be honest I don't do this as much as I should, and it's something I too need to be more consistent with.

Because it 100% works!

Be positive, happy and encouraging

Nobody wants to play with a grumpy, depressive, negative person.

But on the other side, it's super fun and uplifting to play acro with someone who has that yeah let's do it, we rock attitude.

It makes the practice positive and fun and you don't have to worry about the negativity of failing.

A key to building this attitude is making sure to always celebrate your successes!

Give high fives and take a moment to enjoy what you've done.

Being skilled and experienced

Okay, this one isn't such an easy one. It just takes time, consistency and practice.

But I wanted to include it because of course the more skilled and capable you are in acro the easier the practice becomes for the other person.

So you enable them to do more, learn faster and go further.

I personally wouldn't focus on this specifically, just know that over time the more you practice and progress the more you'll be a favoured acro partner.

Giving compliments

This is super easy and effective.

Something you can start doing

It's pretty straightforward, just let the other person know what they are doing well, what you like and what you enjoyed about them with regards to acro or even not to do with acro.

I'm not suggesting you lie and make stuff up, just be honest and real with people but let them know when they are doing great and why!

This is so good for giving your partners a little ego boost and making them feel good about themselves and about doing acro with you.

Focussing on the other persons needs

Okay the last one is about putting your partner first.

As I've mentioned in many previous emails, acro is all about teamwork and great teamwork comes from looking out for your partner and what they need.

Ask questions about what they feel, how you could help them more in the practice.

This will go along way to them feeling listened to, supported and like they enjoy working with you in acro.

Like I said this is just the main few things that come to mind on this topic but there is plenty more.

I want to finish by saying these are some of the best habits you can cultivate as a person through acro.

This is the foundations for making you a better friend, partner or parent even.


Are you flashing your Acro partner without realizing it? In today's episode we are going to go over the most common Acroyoga wardrobe malfunctions and what you can do to prevent them. I'm your host Callan and my wonderful partner,




Going to your first Acroyoga class can be exciting


And overwhelming.


And the last thing you need to feel is unsure of your clothes. Not to worry!!!


We've got your back, with these five Acroyoga tips.


Tip number one textured pants


Acroyoga as you'll see me twisting into new shapes. The last thing you want to get tangled into your clothes to


slip into some long shorts, or long leggings bonus if it has texture.


Your base has better grip and won't slide off those ultra-slick yoga pants.


have sensitive hips?? If you're in side star you know what I'm talking about. Try jean shorts, but beware of the belt loops.


Baggy shorts and gym shorts can parachute open while basing, it's a good idea to wear fitted cycling shorts underneath. in hot weather any bare skin quickly gets sweaty and slippery, full-length yoga pants will give your flyer better traction. Now yoga pants, No worries, I wear jeans!


Tip number two, Anti flesh top. I am pro boobs and freedom nipple movement. But only if it's intentional. When inversions happen, it's nice to have a neckline that will keep everything in places like the crewneck or high tank top or sportswear. And tip number three form-fitting tops, plus tucked in. It's quite common to see bases and flyers adjusting their tops during class. A simple way to avoid this is by simply tucking in your tops, especially flyers. Sometimes, I just take the top out of the equation and just where's my sports bra.


Wearing a shirt can be helpful when things get sweaty. Gives a little extra traction to your flyer.


Tip number four, hair ties. are you ever scrolling through Instagram and you come across this Acroyoga photo and the flyer has this long luscious hair? You can put your hair into a ponytail? a bun? or a braid?! What you don't see is how many extra shots the photographer had to make because the flyer hair was in the face. Trust me I know from experience.


Bonus points or bring in your flyers extra hair ties. Well... thank you for tying up your hair and when you start doing things like whips


Tip number five barefoot wander.


For traction in contact, it's best to be barefoot. You live in a cold climate or more comfortable with socks. Look for ones to have a grip


And tip number five is to wear nothing!!!! on your feet. To recap the five Acroyoga tips for preventing wardrobe malfunctions are textured pants, anti-flash tops, so a higher neckline, form-fitting tucked in shirts, hair ties


And bare feet.


Ultimately, where whatever you want,


As long as you feel comfortable. Thanks for watching. We hope you enjoyed this episode.


Please like and subscribe to The Acroyoga Show and stay tuned to the next video. It is sure to well

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