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Sunshine, Human Touch, and Movement

You already live the good life but life throws us obstacles and it is how we respond to these challenges that Define Who We Are.

We live in an overstimulated world constantly distracted and trying to produce the next best thing. The most simple basic human experiences often become a rarity these days.

Acro yoga gives us a moment to slow down, connect, and be fully present with another human being. Working together on a common goal by communicating and surrendering.

The simplest pleasures can have the greatest impact when we allow ourselves to receive the gift of another human. We strive quick to overlook the basic aspects of life as we aim to achieve status, accumulate wealth, and climb the ladder of success.

Acroyoga beginner poses

I spent the early years of my career ss a softwate architect in the startup grind of the Silicon Valley trading my precious moments of life for a well compensated paycheck.

Ahead of my time, I valued health over wealth and began my journey into yoga, movement, and human connection.

With Only One Life to Live and no knowing how long it will last, I made the decision to give back to the world in a more traditional way than the accumulation of wealth and status.

I want my legacy to be one that adds value in the form of love, connection, movement, nature, and the intrinsic values of being a human being.

Acro yoga training

I contribute the world to connect, bring together community, discover myself, and harmonize with nature.

As globalization and modernization exponentially expand, out roots of where we came from are lost.

This chaotic worldn is a catalyst for mental health challenges as serious problems quickly become normalized.

A little sunshine, physical movement, and loving human connection goes a long way to rediscovering the roots of life.

Acro yoga poses

AcroSpirit was created by a group of like-minded individuals who believe in the value of community, human connection, and peace. The AcroSpirit Acroyoga Community in Bali is an accessible and inclusive group for those who want to play like a kid again in a safe space while having some fun along the way.

We welcome you to join our community regardless of your body type, strength, flexibility, or whatever else that you think is holding you back from giving acroyoga a try. Don't let your own thoughts hold you back from potentially having a life-changing experience.

Our AcroSpirit teachers are from all around the world with different experience levels, teaching styles, and personalities. Life is too short to take it to seriously so here's your chance to learn from some of the best teachers in the world.

AcroSpirit teacher

Our goal is not to turn you into an acrobat and make you quit your day job to join the circus (although that sounds quite fun). We welcome you with open arms to check out what acroyoga is all about. We hope to meet you and play together!

At the very least, your walk away with of smile on your face and some pictures for your Instagram.

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