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Super Yogis Unlock their Acro SuperPower!

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

In this article, we challenged two amazing yogis to unlock their ideas and superpowers about Acroyoga.

We want you to also realize what you can do with Acroyoga and how you can use acro to understand others better, and build stronger relationships.

I'm going to go into more detail on how acro can grant you a superpower of better reading and understanding of others.

So let me explain how and why...

After about 6 months into my proper Acroyoga journey, when I was practising every day.

I realised that I had developed a skill for weighing people with my feet.

Having put enough different bodies on my feet over time and getting a good enough feeling of their various weights.

I was suddenly able to take a flyer put them on my feet and accurately guess their weight to within maybe +/- 1kg.

Cool party trick huh...

Feel free to test me on it next time you see me, haha.

But this is just measuring someone's physical weight...

With this realisation that I had developed this skill, I also realised I had inadvertently developed or improved a much more useful skill.

That is the incredibly useful skill of understanding someone's character and personality better.

I realised that by just playing Acroyoga with someone for a few minutes I gained a deep understanding of many of their basic character traits.

It's like a very quick look into what kind of a person they are, and it's hugely revealing!

Within a few short minutes of playing acro with someone you can find out:

  • How trusting they are

  • How fearful they are

  • How they deal with their fears

  • How confident they are

  • How controlling they are

  • How well they listen and follow instructions

  • Whether they panic or are calm under pressure

  • How well they communicate their feelings with others

  • How comfortable or uncomfortable they are with physical touch

  • How they interact with strangers

  • How they work with others

  • Whether they like to lead or follow

  • How big their ego is

  • How friendly and open they are

I mean honestly, this list could go on and on.

You really get such a deep insight into someone's personality when you play Acroyoga together.

Maybe you doubt me, so I'll give you the reason why this works now.

It's because it is impossible to mask these aspects of your character so completely when doing Acroyoga.

It is a challenging, unusual, teamworking, communicative practice. There is no way to do something like this with someone without revealing some of these aspects of your character.

If I ask someone "do you want to play acro with me?" Their response already gives an indication...

  • "It looks scary, is it dangerous?" - fearful, nervous

  • "wow that looks cool, hell yes!" - excited, open, confident (maybe over-confident)

  • "umm, okay" - not very communicative, unsure

These are simplified examples I'm using to illustrate a point.

But you get the idea...

Then there's the way they physically respond, emotionally respond with their subconscious body movements etc. and more.

There is one caveat that I will add, which is:

This takes time and experience.

The more people you meet and play acro with, the more personalities you are exposed to.

The more you start to recognise patterns in the way people respond and act.

But over time you will come to realise that this really does work, and it really is an awesome superpower!

It's so useful!

You can play acro with someone and in a few minutes realise...

Is this someone I enjoy and want to be friends with?


Is this someone who I really want to avoid because our personalities don't suit?

and so on...

I hope this email inspires you and helps you realise that you can start building your acro superpower too!

Just by bringing some awareness to what I've talked about next time you do acro.

If you're completely new to Acroyoga then don't worry about this yet.

We can help teach you the basics and start your journey off on the right foot.

Paul Teodo

Like maybe on even like a deeper more poetic level in order to have people be able to really trust you you need to be grounded. Boom.


Welcome to this episode today we're Yoga Barn. Let's go and check it out. There's some amazing stuff here.


Yeah, we have many many Yoga shala Healing Center,


We have the friendly resident Yoda here, Yoga Barn.

If you haven't heard of the Yoga Barn, and you've been to Bali, I don't know how you got by.

This is the Yoga Barn main desk and the front desk where we sometimes can be found playing acro is beautiful shala is a huge space.

It's one of the biggest well-known yoga studios in the world. Come check it out and see us here.


Yes, come and see us.


And this is what we're doing our class today in the river dome. Let's go.



Paul Teodo

My name is Paul Teodo


My name is Casey Lee.

Paul Teodo

I'm a yoga teacher living here in Bali.


I have done the Acroyoga a couple of times

Paul Teodo

My Acroyoga experience is extremely, extremely beginner.


I think Acroyoga is about connection and building trust and a relationship with the person that you're that you're sharing that connection with.

Paul Teodo

It's about moving meditation, while at the same time being connected to another human being, which I think is really beautiful, almost like dancing.


And definitely to learn a lot of new things, gain some confidence as well and a deeper level of body awareness.

Paul Teodo

I think I've just been hesitant to try something that I know I'm not going to be very good at right away.


I'm excited for today's lesson. So I get to feel more comfortable about what we're doing.


All right, let's go get to class Diiing. I don't know if you've met each other before.


Yeah, I mean, we just met today this class, I think we did really well


Goes to whether hand was, so you should end up butt to butt there

Paul Teodo

We got thrown into physical touch and you got thrown into trust right away!


To just just meet somebody and do something. So one, it's it's quite intimate.

If we were to just meet randomly in the street, that would have never happened.

Yeah, created a cool friendship that probably never would have happened without this a deeper sense of like authentic connection.

Being challenged together that always bring people closer.

Paul Teodo

Back to butt?


Maybe just meeting randomly wouldn't have, wouldn't have, we wouldn't have had that opportunity from the beginning.

I think like we were saying before the level of connection that can come from this outside of your practice, especially if you're working with somebody continuously that bond that you can create together.

Paul Teodo

I felt like we fell into a rhythm pretty quickly. And for me, it allowed me to have a sense of playfulness, trust and letting go We did the thing I know we did it Well,


You didn't first time really easily.


Yeah, to trust me enough to feel safe to surrender.

Paul Teodo

As every activity got more challenging, required more presence, more balance, you start to trust the person a little bit more and you start to communicate with a little bit more.

You're in the moment and you're building trust I wouldn't say that you trust someone immediately but the trust is built you're fine. I've got you the ability to communicate without talking nonverbal communication


Good trust!


You get to learn each other's nonverbal language.

Communication is the at the foundation of every successful relationship, whether it be a friendship a workout buddy, a business, a partner, lover, yeah.

So yeah, the aspects of communication I think on all levels would be life changing will Acro.

And yeah, being very sensitive to one another being an intuitive and in tune to, yeah, not just the movement, the physicality of it that subtle energetic, you know, if you can feel someone doesn't feel safe, you know you feel that in the body.

So it would create more, more connection, more desire to understand one another.

Paul Teodo

I think people's emotional intelligence would go up significantly because you need to have motional intelligence to be able to do this because you have to be able to read your partner's most and their, their physical body in the moment.

Yeah. And the moment we got into a nice little rhythm and a flow and a communication that's not really verbal. So it's a physical communication.


I thought what you guys did exceptionally well in, like regard all of the physical stuff was the communication actually, the way you're talking and communicating with each other, you know, you got on pretty well together.

And that makes it so much more fun, so much easier. And I could see that through the practice,


I can imagine more and more like, the more that you work together, the more that communication becomes more and more subtle, energetically, physically and verbally as well. Yeah, you start to build a body know how

Paul Teodo

It's like having a dancing partner,


Exactly the same same. Yeah, it's totally the same thing. You go quite far in Acro. When you get more into it. When you build up partnerships with people, we also you learn their strengths and their weaknesses.


And you can start to anticipate where the communication that comes from that outside of practices. Yeah, really profound that is really beautiful, and it really eye opening.

And I really enjoyed Acroyoga today just reinforced that so thank you. I learned a lot and I look forward to doing more

Paul Teodo

Acroyoga for the win Folded leaf for the win


Buss drive. Thank you guys for watching. We hope you enjoyed this episode with Paul and Casey.


Don't forget to hit the like button and follow us


See you next episode.


Happy bus driver.


I used to want to be a bus driver. It's only a train driver. And then I used to want to be

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