The Journey is the goal... (A lesson Acroyoga has taught me)

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Acroyoga has changed my life as I let the journey of my practice become on going project and goal. Same as Sheryl one of our Local Acroyoga teacher in Bali has a massive impact on her life through this practice immensely. Acroyoga have taught me and Sheryl big time.

This idea or principle that 'The journey is the goal' is something that I've truly begun to appreciate thanks to Acroyoga.

For whatever reason Acro more than any other practice or sport that I've undertaken has shown me that progress is not linear.

It's also not easy or sometimes very easy to unlock and learn new skills.

Because of this, I think that if you are very goal-oriented in acro you may not be very satisfied with it as a practice.

It's taken me more than a year to unlock some skills, and it's obviously satisfying when I do, but not enough to warrant a years investment to achieve it (it's only worth it because I enjoy the journey).

Also, it's taken me a matter of minutes or moments to unlock some skills and that can be satisfying or less satisfying too.