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The Journey is the goal... (A lesson Acroyoga has taught me)

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Acroyoga has changed my life as I let the journey of my practice become on going project and goal. Same as Sheryl one of our Local Acroyoga teacher in Bali has a massive impact on her life through this practice immensely. Acroyoga have taught me and Sheryl big time.

This idea or principle that 'The journey is the goal' is something that I've truly begun to appreciate thanks to Acroyoga.

For whatever reason Acro more than any other practice or sport that I've undertaken has shown me that progress is not linear.

It's also not easy or sometimes very easy to unlock and learn new skills.

Because of this, I think that if you are very goal-oriented in acro you may not be very satisfied with it as a practice.

It's taken me more than a year to unlock some skills, and it's obviously satisfying when I do, but not enough to warrant a years investment to achieve it (it's only worth it because I enjoy the journey).

Also, it's taken me a matter of minutes or moments to unlock some skills and that can be satisfying or less satisfying too.

So I have found that I am much more able to enjoy the journey and the process of learning in acro and growing these days.

I appreciate and accept that some days things work and some days they don't, and that progress really is not linear (progress in acro often feels like a squiggly line that is slowly sloping upwards).

By accepting that and learning to enjoy the process, and enjoy the ups and downs.

Try to learn from them, it gives me a better appreciation and feeling of satisfaction overall in the practice.

This helps me not get upset or down if 1 specific training session doesn't go very well, because it is a necessary step and part of the journey that I'm taking.

Plus you can still celebrate when you have a good training session or you do achieve a milestone or unlock a hard skill because that is still part of the journey too. :)

I think acro is so much fun and enjoyable anyway that it lends itself to helping us appreciate the journey.

So this email is a suggestion or reminder to you to focus on the journey, see the whole process and journey as the goal, and then you will always stay motivated.

You will always enjoy training sessions even if they are good or bad, and you will go further and achieve more than if you just focussed on some specific goals.

At the moment I am facing a new step in my acro journey due to my regular acro partner facing a lengthy injury.

There will be lessons learnt and things to enjoy about this step in my acro journey.

So I look forward to it, even though it is a difficult situation to be facing for me and for her.


Acroyoga is not only what you know, like the practice that can change yourself, physically, but also emotionally.


Welcome to part two of my interview with my wonderful friend Sheryl, she is sharing a bit more today about how she wants to impact the local Indonesian community here with Acroyoga.

And also, you can hit all about how Acro had such a big shift and a big change in her life in a positive way. So stay tuned for the whole episode to find out. Tell me something that most people don't know about you?


Did you know I got most my inspiration to do many things when I take shower? Well, that's it.


Okay, so as inspiration for, like your, what you're passionate about or?


Yeah, what I'm passionate about! How to say, How I think you know, because like, sometimes you have, like I want to like, this is how I think about one topic, right?

But then sometimes when I take shower, it's just like, all you have to say, this particular words, you know, to to make your argument or your statement, just like spot on or something like that.


Awesome. Who inspires you and our Acro, and kind of who do you look up to these days? And why? What is it about them that you look up to?


This is like one word that I love lately, Embodiment.

Because I know a lot of practitioner, even though it's yoga, even though it's Acroyoga, or any types of practice. They don't have this embodiment. And then when you meet one person, you see their practice, and you know right away, this is the people that embody their practice.

You know, and then I want to be like this person, or if it's an Acroyoga, I want to play with this person, you know, or you want to learn from this person, because I am super lucky to be surrounded by teachers who are the embodiment of what they say and what they do you know, what they practice.

So this is what I want to look up for my practice, and this is what I want to do in my practice. So I have this,


What aspirations do you have for your future in Acro? What do you want to do with this practice? with teaching or as a kind of practitioner? What's your idea or goals that say the longer term?


In terms of teaching classes? I want to encourage this practice more to the locals community because it's hard to reach out to them. When I teach a public class in yoga studio is more sharing them about the fun and joy and connection of practice.


I think that's something I'm pretty good at Ihave to say. Why do you feel like you want to share so much and spread this practice? What is it about Acro that makes you want to share as a teacher?


This practice change my life, like I feel it. I feel it in my body, I feel it in my daily life, because Acroyoga is not change your self physically but also emotionally like you change because it's like, deep into you.

Yoga, the practice of inner like the practice of self, right? So you go inside, but Acroyoga is using this tools and to work with other to create community and to build community and to grow together.


What is one pet peeve or one thing that annoys you or something you don't like in a crow either in the people or the practice itself, or something you would change?


what I don't like about people doing Acro is someone that they don't know their limitation, they push the limitation and force their partner to lose something and then not being kind in their words.

That's annoying me a lot. And then yeah, like pushing. It's always good, you know, to push your limits. But maybe when your partner say no, it means no.

You know, and then you can ask the next day, hey, do you want to try this? You know,


Beautifully said.


Okay, now question for you!!. What do you think about a love relationship with your Acroyoga partner?


Yeah, I think it's a complex topic, relationships, and especially romantic relationships within Acro.

I kind of see from other partnerships I see. And from what I've experienced myself, I see two sides.

I think on one hand, when you have a great connection with someone, whether that's a romantic connection or friendship improves your Acro.

For me, the foundation of what makes a great Acro practice is the connection between the two people, you can take two amazing acrobats, zero connection, and they won't work well together, they'll fight and argue. So having a great connection can massively improve your Acro.

But at the same time, there's a lot of challenges that come on the other side of that if you if you have a romantic relationship, it can be, it can put a lot of strain because you're dependent on each other to practice.

If you both don't have the same attitude or opinions or, you know, towards both your practice and the other aspects of your life, it can be hard to separate the two of them. So that's the short answer.

It can be a very complicated and tricky topic. I don't think there's one right or wrong way of doing it. I think it's something we could talk about and debate a lot and do a whole nother interview episode on.

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful episode with Sheryl.

She really wants to support her local community of Indonesians to learn Acroyoga we want to do the same. We produce by hand by local Indonesians this Acroback product.

And this is a sport wedge designed to help you in your Acro practice. So if you want to also support the local Balinese who make this amazingly for us by hand, and you can buy one in the link below of this video.

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