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Want to know the KEY to achieving long-term success in your Acro Practice?

I want to give you the KEY to unlocking acro success! :)

It is my humble belief that mindset is the absolute key component to long-term success in any activity or sport.

Acroyoga is no exception.

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Obviously, there are many key components to a successful long-term acro practice, but I think at the root of them all sits your mindset.

So I want to explain why I believe that is, and also share with you an offer on how to unlock more acro success!

So why is mindset so key?

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For example, we could say that dedication, hard work and consistency are all critical to success (that's what you hear most entrepreneurs and successful people say).

But underlying each of those is holding the mindset of determination, and never giving up or quitting.

It would be one thing for me to just say yeah long term success is easy, just be dedicated, never give up and eventually you'll succeed, ta-da.

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But then the reality is if you don't have the right mindset most likely you will just give up at some point when things get hard or don't feel so good.

I think it's easier to grasp and understand that if we cultivate the mindset of determination, and keep perspective on the bigger picture to recognise that everything is a process and a journey, then it's easier to stay determined and never give up when the hard times come.

Because hard times will come if you want long-term success.

In acro there will be injuries (hopefully not), there will be changes in your life, there will be setbacks of all sorts, training partners may change, your body will change.

And if we can keep that in perspective and see that these are all steps in a long journey then we can stay dedicated and motivated even in the tough times.

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Another thing people suggest is key to long-term success is to learn from those who are already successful (rather than trying to figure it all out yourself).

Again this is solid advice, but I see this more as mindset again underneath.

In the sense of having the mindset of wanting to learn and grow as much as possible from people who are already doing what you want to be able to achieve.

If you always have the mindset to be a student, to be willing to learn from others, you will always continue to grow.

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If you instead reach a point where you think no one else can teach you anything then for sure you won't learn anything new and you'll stop growing and improving.

I personally love the student mindset, and love being a student so much because that is often where I grow the most!

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Last of all is the mindset of mastery.

I think to truly be successful in the long run at something you need to have the mindset and intention to master it.

Not just to become skilled or good or be able to teach things, but to truly master and understand all there is to that art or sport.

This is what makes the best the best, without the mindset of mastery they wouldn't have become the best.

They wouldn't have had the motivation to practice over and over and refine further and further.

This mastery mindset translates in an acro practice to really refining, improving and practicing the basics, the foundations and the progressions for skills.

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Whilst many acro people I see instead just want to unlock the next trick as quickly as possible and move on (this is an achievement mindset and kind of the opposite of mastery).

This is the difference between someone who can just about do a castaway, and get around, but the catch is awkward and there's not much height etc. Compared to someone with that huge elegant high arching castaway that lands clean every single time.

I would bet that those with the beautiful castaways have spent much more time drilling and practicing the progressions, other related icarian pops and skills, and have on top of that spent significant time refining and improving their castaway...

A mastery mindset.

Well with all that in mind, maybe you agree with me that mindset is the most key factor, maybe not :)

In either case I want to share with you one way that I think will be incredibly valuable in improving your acro practice if you are a beginner or low intermediate.

acroyoga retreat

That is our upcoming 50hr Acroyoga Training - (Level 1 Foundations).

If you want to enter that student mindset, focus on your foundations and start building a successful long term acro practice, then this is ideal for you.

You can find all the info via the link above, and if you have any questions about the training, please feel free to reach out.

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