AcroYoga FUN With The Family! (BLISSOLOGY) Learn/Play Together During Quarantine - The Acroyoga Show

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

When you are in lockdown in this hard time, it's such a challenge to keep your family entertained. Something you could try is playing Acroyoga with your family members.

This practice can teach you a lesson on how to communicate in different ways with each other, and is the ultimate teamwork and team-building exercise. It's also lots of FUN...

In this article, I will explain a bit more of those qualities of acro and how they relate to the family set up.

As I've mentioned before in quite a few of my articles, communication and how you interact with others in acro has a big impact on your practice.

I would go as far as to say that it is a part of the practice itself.

So today I'm sharing an easy communication tip that you can start implementing straight away to improve your acro!

The tip is quite simply about sharing something positive or something the other person did really well.

This doesn't have to be every second of the practice of course.

But after you've played with someone it doesn't take much effort to pay them a compliment or find something positive and good that they did.

Acro is about teamwork.

We can't shine or be at our best without someone else working with us.

No matter how beginner someone is they are still doing something right or good to make even a basic bird.

So saying something like:

"Great job being tight and steady"

Or if it's someone's first time and you're guiding them...

"good job following the cues and advice".

Of course, make the compliment genuine, and mean it, otherwise, this will do more harm than good.

I often praise people for the effort, or commitment they give, as those are things I genuinely appreciate (especially if someone is struggling with a move and they keep going and trying then I applaud that!).

The real trick with this though is just taking time to notice and appreciate what the other person is doing really well.

Challenge yourself when you finish playing with someone, to share with them something you liked or appreciated or something they did well, and make it genuine.

If you can build this to become a consistent part of your practice it will have positive effects and repercussions forever!

It's something I am still working on improving, but I have definitely seen the benefits of it from both sides, so I can tell you that it works!

I was training with a flyer before who would always be really complimentary and appreciative of my base, and it was super encouraging and rewarding to play with her.

I hope this helps for you and you can implement it in your future acro sessions!

Plus don't forget, you can use this in your everyday life too, and it will also have some big positive effects too :)


You're going crazy, like the rest of us?

No need to leave your home. Let's get rid of those masks today. You don't need them.

We're gonna learn how to do Acro with the whole family at home. Ditch those masks, get rid of them. And let's do some Acroyoga together.

Right now a lot of the world is in lockdown. And in quarantine. And Acroyoga is a great activity that you can do together with your nuclear family.

We have Caspian and Astri, two of our top teachers here in Bali, going to be teaching Ian, Insiya, in Lion how to do Acroyoga. I'll be stepping behind the camera.

And so make sure you stay tuned and check out what the shows about.

Insiya Finn

Hi, I'm Insiya

Eoin Finn

My name is Ian and this is

Lion Finn

I'm Lion. Hi.

Eoin Finn

We're totally into a community, family nature, connection, connection. And of course, tickles. Oh my god. So it was such a good time. Like for so many different reasons. Just fun to be upside down. But yeah, with the family even better.

Insiya Finn

Yeah, it's a really awesome way of cementing and clarifying the relationship, which is so much of being a family.

You know, I'm just really grateful to have this time right now, the three of us together as a unit, but also with you all, but it was really special to have have this playful connection time and not once to Lion and say, hey, I want to play with my friends right now.

He's just happy to be with mom and dad, which kind of cool!

Lion Finn

It's amazing. Yeah, it's really fun.

Eoin Finn

He's gonna change his name to Flying Lion.

Lion Finn

It's not something that needs like, it's something anyone can do. And it requires other people. But you can do it together.

Eoin Finn


Insiya Finn

Like with your family, right?

Lion Finn

Basically, what I'm trying to say,

Eoin Finn

Yeah, stronger together, right?

Lion Finn

Makes you trust each other. Like you have to use each other put a lot of trust in and faith into that person's abilities to keep you up or stand on you.

Eoin Finn

And not just trust you gotta communicate, right? Yeah.

Insiya Finn

Mm hmm. Yeah.

Lion Finn

Your body and with your mouth,

Eoin Finn

Your body and your mouth. Perfect!

Insiya Finn

Yeah, total trust. And so empowering to just to, and I have all the little techniques and tips of just lining up the joints, which is really what we tried to do in yoga anyhow.

So but but when you have another person that you're either flying or you're being flown, it's just, it's, it's real.

You know, it's not just you on your mat, you're with somebody else.

So you have to trust and you have to connect right in that moment. And so you're really present, which I think is beautiful.

Eoin Finn

Yes, it's cool. You're totally present. You do this dance of like, serious presence. Yeah. And joyful presence. Like, sometimes it's just kind of jokey.

Like, wow, we just did something. And sometimes you're concentrating, yes. But I just think that so many people are suffering from anxiety.

And sometimes our four walls kind of close in on us and we make our problems bigger, don't you think? Lion? They really are. And when you do something like this, it gives you like, anxiety amnesia.

Insiya Finn

Yeah, it takes you out of your head, which is where we keep a lot of that stuff.

Which It's challenging, but it's fun.

And you can and you kind of problem solve together, you know, and, and, and there is so much communication, constantly going no feet down, feet up, or you know, something doesn't feel right. The body knows. So you need to communicate that right away.

Because again, that's happening right. Right now in the moment. I love things that challenge you and just and you have to play with your balance so much. Yeah. And just those little shifts sent me like, Oh, yeah, now I'm weightless. And I'm helped.