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Are YOU Really Supportive of New Acroyoga Teachers?

New Acroyoga Teachers is an interesting topic and it's a tricky one with several layers to it.

I believe in supporting each other to grow, and that there is always space for more teachers.

So generally I am encouraging of new teachers coming into the AcroYogaspace.

Often there is resistance, there is jealousy, concerns about losing students or market share and so on, I've seen this in other teachers, and occasionally I notice it in myself too.

It's my belief though that everyone has their own individual strengths and weaknesses and some students will be attracted to you, and some to other teachers.

So it doesn't need to be a competition but more of a celebration of your differences so that you can all work in harmony.

However I have seen many times new teachers who are not safe or ready to be teaching what they are.

I say this in the sense that: the way they teach is dangerous, they don't teach about spotting and safety properly, and they aren't aware of their own lack of knowledge and skill.

So I really want to share with you part of my experience when I was a newacroyoga teacher, and what I think is one of the best ways to encourage new teachers into your community.

That is...

Assisting classes

When I started to get into teaching acroyoga I was lucky enough to have Sheryl be open to me coming and assisting in her classes.

Even when she already had a co-teacher she would be happy for me to join as an extra set of hands to help.

This is an unbelievably encouraging and helpful way to step into the realm of teaching because you have the support of the teachers directly there to watch you.

But also you can learn from them in the moment.

When you don't have to be a student in the class you can really observe the teaching, and witness the classroom management, the cueing, progressions, spotting and safety management.

You can also get feedback and advice from the teachers, and I think this is really valuable.

Consider if you just go out and start teaching by yourself or with little to no experience.

There is no one to give you feedback, to objectively assess how you are doing as a teacher.

Ever since having this experience in starting my teaching practice, it is something that I am trying to pass on too.

I am always open to having an assistant join classes, as I want to share in the way that I received.

At the moment I haven't been running group classes for a while, but I'm sure when I start offering more there will be opportunities to assist, so feel free to reach out if that's something you'd want to take advantage of.


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