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Chalk it up baby! (Quick and valuable ACROYOGA Tip)

Do you sometimes slip or slide in certain acro poses? Flyers hands might slip down a bases leg, or their feet might slide down the bases hands in a foot to hand.

Now I'm certainly not the first person to suggest or come up with this tip.

But I want to share it nonetheless in case some of you aren't aware yet.

The tip is...


Climbers had this one figured out long ago that chalk increases grip, dries out any sweat or other moisture and ensures a great connection!

When I do Acro now I always try to make sure I have some chalk with me and if I do I find I use it almost every session.

In my mind it's one of those essential acro items I always take with me along with my AcroBack, towel and phone.

If you've never used chalk in acro, trust me give it a try it's awesome.

Especially for skills like hand to hand, foot to hand and even on bases shoulders if they are bare when doing two high or similar skills.

I would also add that if you're at all like me and quite a naturally sweaty person then it's almost essential.

Otherwise my bare skin quickly becomes a slip n' slide surface for flyers.

One thing when it comes to chalk is that there's a couple of different types...

Dry/Powder chalk and liquid chalk.

My preference for acro is liquid chalk and I'll tell you why.

It's easy to apply, it doesn't powder and poof everywhere and is less likely to get on your clothes etc.

Plus I find it works better for drying out sweat and giving a really good chalked skin surface.

Powder also works well and is much better than nothing, but I find with my amount of sweat I need to regularly reapply and it just doesn't dry my skin surface as effectively.

If I've convinced you that you need some chalk for your acro practice, then you can obviously buy online or head to a climbing store etc.

We are working on a partnership with someone who already creates a liquid chalk product specifically for acro to get the best deal for that.

So I will share details in a future blog when that is ready.



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