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Episode IV of The Acroyoga Show is out now on YouTube

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Sorry, no it's not Star Wars...

But it is all about how to start acro now! (like really now...)

Also, we want this to be like 'a new hope' in the sense that it gets new people started on this practice we so love...

In this episode we have the amazing Sheryl hosting and she will tell you all about our 5 step method on how to start your Acroyoga journey today.

There are some cool acro moves thrown in here you can keep an eye out for if you're a more experienced acro nerd.

Plus as always a chance to catch a glimpse of yourself if you are part of our local community...

We really want more people to start and join Acroyoga.

If you have some friends or family who haven't tried acro yet feel free to share this video with them.

Maybe it will get them playing too, and you'll have some new people to try monkey around and have fun with.

To check it out just hit the play button on the video above.

I hope you enjoy the episode.


How to Start your Acroyoga journey in five easy steps.

Welcome to Acroyoga Show. My name is Sheryl. I'm an Acroyoga teacher based in Ubud Bali.

Today we're going to talk about five easy steps to start your acro yoga journey.

Step one, find someone around you or a community. You can start from your household. So maybe your children, your partner, your friends, your colleagues, your cool Auntie because sometimes you have this one cool Auntie that can fly.

Or if there's no one around you, go to your dating app and find someone to fly.

Okay, now let's find someone. Come follow me.

So again, find someone that have maybe the same interest with you.

Like, maybe this guy here. Let's see


Hey, Sheryl!!


Hello!! Can you help me to do Acroyoga? Perfect. Okay.

So step two, find some easy move.

So this is an easy move in Acroyoga. You can fly this anywhere, everywhere with everyone.

There are many instructional video to get into this pose, easily step by step. So you can get into easy poses gracefully, like this video here.

Or you can check our resources page link below.

Step three, find a class or a jam.

It's good, always to go to a class so you know the fundamental basic things in Acroyoga, especially the alignment, then you can build up in a jam.

To find a class or a jam in your area, go to Facebook page, you can search acroyoga space, your city or your town.

Like for example in Ubud we have Acroyoga space Ubud, space Bali.

Step four, practice at home.

So if you are stuck at home, or you cannot find any jams or classes around you, check out our resource page for online courses and online classes, link below.

Step Five. Keep practicing.

Know that Acroyoga is an endless learning process.

So you can always learn, learn, learn and grow with Acroyoga.

There are many aspects in Acroyoga that you can apply to your daily life, such as communications community, fun, bring your inner child back and spread the love.

Quick recap for you.

Number one, find someone around you.

Number two, try easy pose.

Number three, find class or jam in a community around you.

Four, practice at home and number five, keep going on.

If you enjoy our video, please hit like and subscribe button and also leave a comment specially if you want to ask for simple flow, movements.

And also check out our next episode. Thank you

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