How to Choose The One...

They are many similarities between finding the right person for the rest of your life and finding the right person to train Acro with...

In this blog we discuss how these two things relate together.

If you need to find an acro partner, or find a romantic partner. Or even if you want to improve either of these types of relationships that you have, then read on...

Today I'm going to give some advice on the best way to find and choose a dedicated acro training partnership.

Finding an acro partner is a bit like dating.

It takes time...

You have to put yourself out there

You have to meet many people and get rejected many times before finding the right partner.

Plus how you feel about potential partners isn't logical, you don't choose on pure reasoning, it's a feeling, an emotional decision.

This is my main 1st advice for choosing an acro partner.

It should be based on feeling.

And I don't mean attraction, I mean how do you feel when you do acro with this person?

Do you feel happy, do you laugh and have fun, do you feel comfortable and safe etc.

For me, this is the most crucial factor in a potential acro partnership.

The 2nd important advice is...

Common goals/objectives for the practice.

Again coming back to the relationship analogy.

If one of you wants marriage and kids, and the other wants a casual fling.

It probably won't work well as a long term partnership.

Same goes for acro.

Understanding if one of you wants to train to join the circus and the other just likes playing and having fun.

Or one of you wants to be an acro teacher and the other just wants to create pretty Instagram content.

None of these desires is wrong, just it probably won't be cohesive and aligned for a long term partnership if the desires aren't aligned with each other.

The 3rd and last advice for this topic is...

Skill level.

I often hear many people saying they want a regular partner who is more skilled than they are.

If you can find that great, that will help you grow for sure.

But in my opinion points, 1 and 2 above are infinitely more important than the skill level of your partner.

I personally believe if you have a less skilled partner with a great connection, plus similar goals and desires for the practice.

You will end up going much further than a highly skilled partner with a poor connection and different desires and goals to you.

For the last time, to use the relationship analogy.

You can choose the rich guy who you don't love, but that won't make you happy in the long run.

Or you can choose someone you love and want to create a life with and that will last and fulfil you so much more.

The other thing is you don't have to limit yourself to only 1 regular acro training partner.

If you can maintain the partnerships and commitments you can of course find more than one great acro partnership (back to being an acro slut, haha!)

Lastly, if you are struggling to find an acro partner and you've been looking a while.

Don't give up, keep going to jams, meeting new acro people and it will happen eventually.


Will you My Valentine for Acroyoga?


Today we've got a special episode for Valentine's Day talking about Acroyoga and relationships.

Today we've got a special episode brought to you by The Acroyoga Show in partnership with Yogiapproved. Talking about Acroyoga and relationships.

We're gonna dive into our relationship, how it started and how it benefits from Acroyoga.

So Acroyoga has done wonders for us and our relationship.

It's the reason we met. And it's the reason we've stuck together.

Not the only reason but certainly a catalyst for accelerating our relationship. It's taught us trust, it's not as communication giving and receiving intimacy and to be playful and enjoy life, which is all great things that everyone can learn from and can improve their life with.

So we highly recommend you try now Acro, it's Valentine's Day is coming up.

So grab your partner, Acro is a great activity that you can do together and go join, go have some fun and learn from us and give Acro a try.

Today we're going to talk about how Acroyoga builds trust, communication, intimacy, playfulness, and giving and receiving in a relationship. First, we want to talk about how we met which was at Acro jam.


Met this guy and other friends there, I started to know him.

And that moment, I almost didn't speak English.


Acro really helped us communicate.

And because she didn't speak English all too much.


Kind of hard, but possible.

And without verbal communication was just doing practice


We were able to communicate through Acro, with the whole nonverbal part of the practice.

While playing with each other and over time and got to build that foundation of communication.

Bringing two people from two different sides of the world.

Acro also helps build trust in a relationship really learn to trust one another because your life is in my hands, my life is in your hands.

And I remember, in the beginning, she was very worried about falling.


There, just like scream all the time.


I can't do it! I can't do it! After we built that trust and built that progress together.


It was an interesting process to trust other person and trust yourself


Understanding it rather than running away from it.

And when you work on it together, you can address those issues and move through it.

And that's one of the great things about Acro is you confront your fears and your put faith face to face with it.


You don't like, you scared this way.

Let's communicate here more, I will say where am I?

what I'm doing next moment and we will get it and we got it.


The benefit of Acroing with a partner that you're in a relationship is that it builds intimacy very quickly, you're very close to each other.

You're working together working on a common goal.


Just know each other so fast and deep. You're working together like a team.