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In Unity We Rise...

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

The motto of Acrospirit (as you can read in the title of this article) is highlighted nicely in our latest retreat episode on our youtube channel. The spirit we each bring to share in our retreats is the individual sparks that when united together allow us to rise as a community.

We are super grateful to help everyone who attended rise and grow as one!

Today I want to talk about how I arrived at this Motto - In Unity, We Rise.

As I've mentioned in previous emails, AcroSpirit or at least the idea of AcroSpirit formed near the start of 2019.

I came up with the name when a group of friends and I performed an Acroyoga piece for a festival.

The name formed with the idea that we wanted to showcase the true "Spirit" of Acroyoga and capture the essence of what makes this practice unique.

As I've also eluded before that this is what sets us apart from other Acroyoga schools or philosophies.

We give more attention to the non-physical aspects of the practice.

The ones that can really help change your life like:

  • Communication

  • Partnership

  • Connection

  • Fun

  • Community

  • Support

  • Trust

  • Safety

  • Courage

Because for us that is the whole purpose and focus of Acroyoga.

To transform or uplift our lives in one or more of the areas listed above.

We don't want to just teach you the physical practice and leave these "benefits" as a side note, quite the opposite...

We teach the physical practice so that you can and will access these benefits.

Our motto is an extension of this vision and philosophy that we have created.

In Unity is because everything we do in acro requires teamwork, it requires union and community.

We have to learn to work together in Acroyoga to achieve anything meaningful.

We Rise is to emphasise and symbolise that we are rising to a new level of being.

That we are growing and learning in the areas mentioned before.

It is also metaphorical for the fact that we actually rise up and physically fly higher in acro too.

When you combine these together...

In Unity We Rise has the added meaning that with unity we are able to rise collectively together.

This by proxy means that without unity we will fall together too.

This captures really well the heart of what we stand for, what our purpose is with spreading Acroyoga.

In 4 simples words, we give a strong meaning to what the AcroSpirit community really is.

I hope you can see this message throughout what we do and how we teach.

If you would like to know more about our teachings, our philosophy and how this could have an impact on your life.

Then please check out our resource page where you can find our courses, free resources and everything you need to help you in your acro journey.


I love bringing people together.

I love being in nature.

I love seeing the impact that these retreats have on people.

The retreat was held in the mountains of Bali and a small little town called Munduk, at a beautiful place called Ekommunity.

We did a whole bunch of activities, we did Acroyoga, we did yoga, we had communal dinner together, we went to a waterfall, went to a lake, played games, ate food together, had a campfire, did some fire spinning a whole lot of activities.

One of the most memorable highlights from the retreat was definitely the campfire the first night, we had everyone come together and enjoy popcorn made over the campfire, as well as learn how to do fire spinning.

There's a really good time to just come together share stories and be together with one another. They're spending at the campfire really got me excited and energized.

I was able to teach a few people how to fire spin for the first time.

And to see that excitement in their eyes to see them light up and try something that they've been wanting to do left me feeling very elated and very empowered that I was able to provide this experience for them.

A key moment was going to the waterfall the hike there was exciting, but once we all got there we were splashing in the water, singing, dancing, having a great time getting wet under the Bali sun.

And the main event Acroyoga was definitely a highlight people from different experience levels, people who have never done Acroyoga to seasoned better have been doing it for over a decade, we all were able to come together and learn some new Acro skills, play some games and have a lot of fun.

Acroyoga is a great tool to really connect people with one another. It really brings down the barriers of relationship Acroyoga allows you to really be in the moment with another human being be working on a skill and working towards a common goal, which is the foundation for a strong relationship.

Acroyoga brought together everyone on this retreat and really fostered strong, deep, meaningful connections between people. By the end of the retreat, we all left feeling like a family. I personally like organizing Acroyoga retreats because I love seeing how it fosters communication. And I really liked bringing these people together over retreats because it gives a dedicated time for people to learn Acroyoga.

Many times people want to do Acroyoga, but they're scared to come to a jam they don't know how to start.

And these retreats are a great way to get your feet wet and learn the basics with a group of other people trying to do the same. I specifically choose to have these retreats in nature because it allows us to disconnect from the world disconnect from our phones and the internet and be in nature where we're able to just reset and do this alongside other human beings who are trying to do the same thing.

These retreats are definitely a lot of work but so worth it in the end. Once I see people waving goodbye hugging by tears coming down their face. Seeing people come together like a family is rewarding in itself.

If I were learning Acroyoga for the first time ever, the retreat is the way to go. Instead of taking sporadic classes and trying to go to a jam and learn things online, I would go to a retreat where I could really learn the foundations learn the principles over time and build upon what I know each day.

All along doing this with the same group of people that you really develop a relationship with and build community. Definitely planning to hold more retreats just like this one in the future.

I love bringing people together.

I love being in nature.

I love seeing the impact that these retreats have on people and really want to share that with you.

I'd love to see you join for the next Acroyoga retreat in Bali. Come play with us.

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