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Insights into our relationship (thanks to acroyoga)!

Ever wondered how it is to share a romantic relationship...

A training partnership, a teaching partnership and a business partnership with the same person?

We’ll tell you our experience and how we got to this point.

So in this blog you’ll read part 1: our love story!

Bringing it back three years ago when I (Laura) was planning my return to Bali.

I had lived here in Bali before for three years, and then I had been back in the Netherlands for a couple of years.

I discovered acro in The Netherlands and when I was going back to Bali I wanted to either join a community or start one myself.

That’s when I Googled Acroyoga in Bali and found AcroSpirit. 

I wrote an enthusiastic message saying that I was super excited to come acro in Bali and that’s how Caspian and I got in contact.

Over the weeks before I arrived we texted back and forth and when I was in quarantine in Jakarta (it was mid Covid time back then) I texted him ‘I’m almost there!’.

That evening we were chatting via text until he suggested ‘Shall we just call?’ and we had a super fun chat in which we discovered that I would arrive on his birthday!

He invited me to come celebrate the next day, so on my first morning in Bali I went to his place and he took me on the back of his bike to Canggu where we joined an acro jam.

It was incredible how easy, fun and calibrated that first time doing acro felt! 

It felt so connected and everything worked!

On top of that Caspian had to get used to my excited reactions in acro. 

You know those squeals, wiggles and clapping my hands you see in videos?

Well by now Cas is used to that hahah, but that first time he was asking me if this was the first time I had done those skills. 

To which I replied ‘No, but this is just soooo much fun!’.

After that we went to the beach where we were messing around together teaching each other martial arts after we figured out we both have a background in different disciplines.

It was only months later when friends told us the following story of that day. 

Some of our friends were sitting on the beanbags watching us play and interact and they said to each other ‘those two will get a relationship’. 

One of them pretended to be my mother and one of them acted as Cas’s mom and they were talking about how their kids would get married. So hilarious! 

Anyway, I’ll keep it to the short version of the story here.

Basically, we hit it off so well from the start and spent lots of time together from the moment I arrived.

When Bali went into it's second Covid lockdown Cas suggested to go into lockdown together and in those 6 weeks in that little room we had the best time together.

We created the original rough manual and outline of the Level 1 acro training course that we now run.

We also first friendzoned each other, because of some drama and the fact that Cas thought it was probably too much to have a romantic relationship and share an Acroyoga teaching and training partnership.

But the connection was too strong that there was no way around it. 

We made it official, found a house and moved in together.

This is when one of our good friends (and also AcroSpirit teacher) Ksenia called Cas to share this incredible memory:

About exactly 1 year before Cas and I got in a relationship Cas and Ksenia were paired up in a manifestation workshop. 

They had to pretend like they saw each other a year later and share how their lives looked like, as a way to manifest that happening in the future.

Ksenia remembered what Cas had shared with her and said ‘you basically described Laura!’.

Apparently, Cas had shared how he was in a committed long-term relationship with a woman with whom he was also teaching and training and then had named all the qualities that basically described me!

How incredible is that! He manifested us!

And I arrived on his birthday!

It always makes me smile thinking back of this time and I’ve continuously been amazed at how life has been unfolding for us.

And this was only the start of it all.

Stay tuned for the next email in which I'll share something a bit more interesting and personal acro related about our relationship...



Laura and Caspian


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