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It's all finally coming together...

To be honest with you 2024 hasn't had the smoothest start for us...

We've had many big events, unforeseen challenges and things that have taken up a lot of time in the first 3 months of this year.

Our training has been pretty inconsistent and challenged by injuries.

And both myself and Laura haven't been in the best health as well.

But it really feels like we've turned a corner the past weeks.

We are still contending with injuries, and health is still not 100% but the stress feels much less, and we are making some progress with projects that feel really good.

So let me share some of those positives and what we are now looking forward to for the rest of 2024.

1. Our Europe trip!

This year our Europe trip has actually come together really nicely and with much less difficulty than in previous years.

We have booked all of the flights, are confirmed for 12 different acro events, and have some time with family and friends in the planning too!

We are pretty excited to be doing some new festivals that we haven't been to before, and look forward to taking classes with teachers we haven't met before, and sharing with new students too.

And we are especially excited to be running our Level 1 training in Europe for the first time, spots are already filling up for it, and we are looking forward to teaching this course in Europe finally!

2. We have planned out a Trekking holiday to Nepal!

This is something I had been planning for about 4 years now and it got postponed because of COVID and other reasons, but now is finally happening.

I previously trekked in Nepal during my time backpacking around Asia, and it was such an incredible experience I decided I wanted to do it again with some family and friends.

And now directly after Europe we will be heading to Nepal and spending 2 weeks trekking the Annapurna circuit with a great group of people, I'm super excited to show Laura Nepal as she's never been!

It's great to have something planned in to our year that is not an acro event, and is just for us to enjoy and experience, haha.

3. Our Level 2 Training is finally happening.

I put an email out about this a while ago saying how we were planning to have it ready for summer 2024. 

Whilst that hasn't been possible we are now 100% organizing it for the end of 2024/start of 2025. 

We have the dates booked in, and are finalizing the manual, we've already mapped out the full teaching content and schedule and pre-reqs and it's really encouraging to see it coming together finally.

When we are creating a program like this, it's a really fun process of discussing with each other, refining and re-evaluating the ideas several times until we narrow down to what we find is the most critical teaching topics and content we want to cover, and importantly what will be the most beneficial and useful to the students who will take the training.

I honestly feel like this is going to be THE acroyoga training for intermediates, we are going to make it as useful and valuable as possible, and we have such a good feeling about it already!

4. We have mapped out and organized the dates for all AcroSpirit events up until 2025.

We, or especially I, like to have things organized and planned out in advance.

With juggling and managing many different things in AcroSpirit and our personal lives it really helps to be proactively organized (otherwise I would be constantly stressed and missing things).

So it feels super good that we have planned in dates for all of our events up until Apr 2025. They aren't all officially launched and on sale yet, but we've locked in the venues and dates and will launch them all over the next months.

Lastly is just some personal updates too.

Firstly that we are planning our wedding for summer of 2025 in Europe, this summer we hope to be able to organize some things for the wedding next year.

Second, we are looking into finding a new house in Bali at the end of the year after we are back from our Europe trip, as we feel like we are wanting to find a space a bit bigger and where we can set up an acroyoga training space so we can train consistently and invite acro friends over to train too, YAY!

Third, we are keeping an eye out for land in Ubud for the Acro Studio Project idea that is still on our minds. This is still something we feel like is part of our longer term vision and goal for AcroSpirit, but not something we have enough time to pursue fully right now. But nonetheless we are keeping an eye out for any good plots of land :)

So there you have it, that's how the rest of our year is shaping up.

Regarding our events and our Europe trip if you want to check out whats coming up, and where you can catch us in Europe, you can find all the info at our events page here :

See you somewhere soon,


Laura and Caspian Acrospirit


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