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My TOP Tip for Flyers (This might save your LIFE!)

Coming at ya with another BIG tip today!

This is an incredibly valuable one, and it could very much be the difference between a nasty injury and you being 100% okay.

Let's get right into it...

It's rolling!

Rolling could save your life, and here's why...

When you fall as a flyer in acro you could end up falling in any number of strange ways.

Head first, butt first, sideways, when you're half twisted etc.

You can fall with a tonne of energy from standing or dynamic moves.

The possibilities are endless.

But fear not!

Just because you fall doesn't mean you have to get injured, falling can be safe if you train your body to react properly.

By practicing rolling: little gymnastic front rolls, ninja style shoulder rolls, or dynamic parkour jump rolls (all are great).

You will train your body how to roll in different scenarios.

Here's a little more on why this could save you...

Picture that you are falling headfirst towards the ground from some acro pose.

Most people will try and lift their head and chest as that's the more natural way to right yourself.

This could end horribly (I'll let you imagine it)...

Now imagine instead that you reach out for the ground with your arms, brace and slow your fall, tuck your chin and head in, and roll over on to your rounded back and butt, ending in a kind of seated position.

Injury avoided, maybe a little bruising if it was a particularly heavy landing, but certainly nothing serious.

The key thing for the above situation to work is that it needs to be instinctual.

When you're falling there's only split seconds to react, if your reactions aren't instinctual it will end up the first way...

What this means for you is...

You should be practicing rolling regularly as part of your warm-ups if you are a serious acroyogi or if you're someone who attempts more dynamic and higher risk skills.

It's still great to practice this if you're a beginner because you never know when it might come in handy!

If you're wondering how to actually practice this, just start with tiny baby super slow rolls, as slow as you possibly can.

Focus on rounding the back and rolling.

I love shoulder rolls as I think they are the easiest to learn and execute well, especially in a dynamic fast-moving situation.

So I would recommend learning these, where you lead with one shoulder and roll diagonally across your back.


Use a padded floor while you're learning.

You can build up to harder surfaces once you're confident in the movement and your execution of it.

I hope to see you rolling around at a jam soon!

If you need pointers on how to roll, take a video of you trying and tag @acrospirit in it on IG or FB and I'll make sure to take a look and give some advice :)

See you soon,




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