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The Art of EPIC Acroyoga Photos! (Do it for the gram, haha!)

Acroyoga photos can be incredibly stunning, beautiful, awe-inspiring and for me at least when I see a great acro photo it makes me want to create my own!

Today I want to give you some of my tried and tested DO's and DONT's when it comes to getting great acroyoga photos.

Also if you ever visit Bali in the future and want to get amazing acro shots this is a service we will happily offer (with the best photographers, best locations in bali, and amazing acro teachers to help you get the best shots).

Okay on to the tips...


1. Do Practice!

In all honesty one of the key things to getting great acro shots is practicing the poses properly.

This means practicing what poses you will do, and practicing with the exact flyer or base you will perform them with.

2. Do get a spotter/adjuster.

A third person to help keep things safe, adjust your position or give you cues to make the pose spot on and perfect alignment will massively help.

Both in getting the shots you want, but also speeding up the process.

Plus when you take the shots remember the ground won't be ideal so having a spotter to keep things safe is amazing.

3. Do pick your location carefully.

This means making sure the ground is stable and safe (cliff edges can make for epic shots, but if you aren't 100% confident in your safety it's not worth the risk) You can also be a few metres back from the cliff edge and still get an epic shot!

4. Do get a clean background

This is one of my biggest advices that people often get wrong.

Because of the shapes we make and the dynamicism of many of the poses it is really important that the acro pose be the focus of the photo.

If you have a busy background with trees or buildings, or anything that impacts the background the acro pose gets totally lost in it and is wasted!

5. Do plan out your poses

If you're paying for a professional photographer or if you're time limited because of sunset etc. you will be super grateful if you've planned out all your poses before hand and have a list.

You can of course still freestyle and try different poses in the moment, but planning and have a list means you won't be stuck for ideas and won't waste the opportunity.

6. Do have fun!

This ones simple, enjoy the process, don't stress. The more fun you have the more it will come across in the photos. :)



1. Don't risk safety for a photo

This one is obvious but needs to be said.

Risking injury or as mentioned before risking potential death on a cliff edge etc. is in my opinion not worth a photo.

Obviously you're an adult, you can do what you want (my words can't stop you) and if you're a thrill-seeker and that's your thing that's up to you.

But remember it's not just you at risk it's your acro partner too.

2. Don't shoot in poor lighting

Around sunset and sunrise tend to be great times for good light as a simple rule of thumb, but essentially too much light doesn't make for good photos and not enough also sucks.

3. Don't merge your colours with the background

If you're shooting in a beautiful blue sky don't wear blue clothes.

Choose contrasting colours to the background so that they pop. Or even other colours is fine, just not the same that they will blend into the background.

4. Don't attempt new poses or challenging poses

An acro photo shoot is the perfectly wrong place to try a new pose or attempt something you aren't confident in.

By all means practice these before the photo shoot, but my recommendation is stick to easier poses that you can execute easily, really well and you'd be surprised (simple poses done well are much better than advanced poses done poorly).

There's probably more tips I could go into further detail on here, but this is enough advice to get you started and hopefully take your acro photos to the next level!

As I mentioned before if you are in Bali or coming to Bali and want to get some amazing and incredible acro photos done with our help then please reply here or contact me another way.

I'd be happy to help :)

See you soon,


Acroyoga photo shoot


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