This is a true test of how good your Acro skills really are...

Proving to yourself how good you really are at something always comes with its own price.

With this article we show you that to really excel in acro it requires a lot of practice and learning from your mistakes, and we give a good way to be able to objectively judge yourself.

But more importantly, it's how we decide to show up to the challenges we face...

How you can show the best version of yourself and perform to your maximum capacity.

Here are some thoughts to get some understanding of this, and a fun challenge episode to visualise this too.

I have found this one thing the best way to really understand if you are as good and as skilled at Acroyoga as you think you are!

That one thing is...


For any of you who have come to my classes or class series, you will know that I always encourage students to perform what they've learnt at the end.

Well, here's why...

When you perform you can't hide.

Everything is on show and everyone will see the details.

It's easy on Instagram these days to attempt a move or flow 5, 10 or even 20 times and manage to get it right one time.

Then you post it and everyone goes "wow!", "that's amazing", "you're so talented"

and so on...

I fall into this trap even!

I post stuff on social media sometimes and I watch the successful attempts back and I'm like "damn I'm good at this yo!"

The reality is, if you can't perform it in front of others at a moments notice, near perfectly...

Then you haven't mastered, understood or really learnt that skill or movement properly at all.

Boom, there I said it.

This is what I mean when I say performing is the real way of assessing your Acroyoga ability.

I would estimate that the majority of people in Acroyoga think they are better than they really are.

In terms of understanding and mastery of skills or movements.

I notice this in myself sometimes.

When I watch back recordings of myself I can pick out small mistakes and issues when I thought I performed it flawlessly.

Now obviously, it's not so important what "level" we are at in acro, and that isn't what this is about.

What I am suggesting is that if you really want to check that you have mastered and fully understood a move...

The best thing you can do is perform it in front of others under some pressure.

This is a great box to check before you try to teach others about a move too.

When teaching you have to at a moments notice; perform the movement, whilst explaining, showing common mistakes, refining minor details and managing a classroom.

So the bare minimum is to be able to perform the move flawlessly.

I hope this gives you some food for thought, and if you need someone to perform in front of I'd be happy to watch! :)


Today we're challenging to have our team to the Jyan Yoga Acro challenge.

Today I'm challenging Astri and Ksenia two of our wonderful flyers and members of our community here to the Jyan yoga Acro challenge.

Jyan or Jiamin, as she's also known is an Acroyoga teacher and Yogi, a dancer from Singapore.

She's a friend of mine, I've known for a few years, I've done a bunch of Acro with her.

She's actually taught me a lot, which is amazing.

She has her own studio in Singapore that's been open about a year, I've had the pleasure of teaching there myself. It's a wonderful space.

And we're using her Instagram and also her studios Instagram account for the inspiration for this challenge.

So if you want to see them, here's the names of the two Instagram accounts.

So if you remember from the last episode, myself and Sheryl completed the Acrowithjohn challenge that Brent sent us, this is why I'm giving this challenge to Astri and Ksenia, if you didn't see that previous challenge, it was awesome.

Pretty hilarious.

You can check it out in the top link below.

Up for the challenge?


Yeah!! why not. Let's do this. Hi, my name is Astri Nilantari. I'm from Ubud Bali. I'm practicing this Acroyoga and today I'm really looking forward for AcroSpirit show giving me challenge with Ksenia. Watch it out what we're gonna do.


Hello, my name is Ksenia. I'm from Russia. I have doing Acroyoga around two years already, and I really appreciate to be here.


Is it the first challenge an easy one for you check it out. Ready?


I think it's like this.


Okay.No. Okay. It was challenging, spend a lot of time, give all my flexibility but didn't work. But it was challenging, but it's fun.


And I think we don't look same there because I can bend so deep.


It's probably because of our hight.


Okay, here is your next one guys...


We should kiss each other??


Exactly! that was the idea. It's a very romantic, couply picture.


What do you think? I can try?


Okay, you base


It will fun anyway.


That was a challenging one. Even worse than the last one. God, I'm so sweaty.


It was really I don't really understand how people do it here.


For the next one, I think you're not gonna do this one. I don't know. Let's see


That's a f**king handstand!!.


It's counterbalanced!


But it hands to hands.


I can't do this, just because of my wrists.


Yeah, no, I can't hold myself in this position I for sure can't do it with Astri and me.