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What Music do you like to JAM ACRO to?

I often end up picking music at the acro jams I host for whatever reason.

Maybe because I always bring my speaker, in any case everyone often has to listen to my rather random mix of songs.

So I thought it would be interesting to hear from you, what kind of music you like to listen to and play acro to?

For me when I'm doing acro I like upbeat, higher bpm music.

Something more dancey, electronic or with a good beat.

I tend to therefore prefer more, funk, electronic, hip-hop and drum and bass types of music while I play acro.

I also avoid anything too lyrical and emotional/deep as it can be distracting whilst doing acro.

Plus acro is a fun activitiy, so upbeat fun music that makes you want to dance and move makes sense!

I would love to hear what kind of music you enjoy listening to at a jamor while doing acro.

If you have favoured artists, genres or even specific songs that go down well in a jam it would be super cool to know.

Also if you're part of our Bali community here (then all the more reason to respond and let me know, so I can put some music you enjoy more at the jams haha!)

For me movement and music has such a strong link, they each aid and compliment each other in sparking emotions and feelings for those watching and those moving.

You can see this in our acro performance videos on our youtube channel if you haven't seen them before.

Often music even inspires me to create new movements, so sometimes if you're struggling for creativity in your acro practice, try putting on some music that will get your creativity flowing!

See you soon,


Acroyoga community


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