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Why I Created The Acroyoga Lower Back Support Wedge Pillow: The AcroBack

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Hi, my name is Brent and I'm the creator of The AcroBack!

In my acro practice, I suffer from severe back pain due to a disabled back. This is why I originally created The AcroBack so that I could support my lower back and do acro without pain.

I saw many others with tight hamstrings, lower back pain, or similar problems suffering through their practice. While most people didn’t have a solution, some used a rolled up yoga mat or a small pillow, (neither of which are ergonomic, nor comfortable).

I shared The AcroBack with them and it quickly caught on. Everyone who tried it, loved it, so I made one for everyone in my community.

Now, I want to share The AcroBack with you!

acroback prillow acroyoga acro base

I want to make acroyoga accessible for all and help prevent injuries. If you find acro inaccessible due to lower back pain or tight hamstrings, then The AcroBack will help you unlock your full acroyoga potential!

The AcroBack is my solution to all basing problems and one of the first acroyoga props ever created.

acroyoga acroback prillow support wedge

I believe that the world would be a completely different place if everyone did acroyoga.

Now, I only acro with The AcroBack.

prillow acro acroback acroyoga base support wedge

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