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Dive Into Acroyoga With Our New 50HR Acroyoga Foundation Training

The 50HR Acroyoga Training is carefully crafted and developed to guarantee that you’ll walk away with a solid understanding of the acroyoga practice.

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The AcroSpirit Level 1 Foundations Acroyoga Training is intended for acroyogis who would like to master the details of the foundational poses, moves, and techniques. Become a great acroyoga training partner that everyone will want to play with.

Gain the confidence to play with other acroyogis at acroyoga jams and play with new partners without hesitation.

acroyoga teacher training

So much more than an acroyoga retreat, this acroyoga training is designed to teach the foundational techniques of the different aspects of acroyoga. The acroyoga practice is far reaching beyond just the physical and this training will unlock the non-physical acroyoga skills needed to be a great partner.

Learn the key acroyoga techniques, partnership/teamwork, communication skills, safety essentials, and build trust in a community of new acroyoga friends.

This acroyoga foundational training is a Yoga Alliance certified continued education course.

Join us for a journey that will unlock your full acroyoga potential, have you flying high, and lifting your friends to new heights.

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We can't wait to play with you!

AcroSpirit runs acroyoga classes, workshops, trainings, retreats, and festivals for all levels of acroyogis. We see acroyoga as a beautiful pathway to greater connection, communication, teamwork, trust, empathy, support, friendship and play.

If you want to learn acroyoga, are a beginner to acroyoga, or if you're curious about how to get started with acroyoga, then AcroSpirit has got you covered.

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AcroSpirit's Mission

AcroSpirit’s approach to the acroyoga practice and teachings of acroyoga poses goes far beyond the physical skills!

Together we grow, learn and share this incredible practice with each other to reach new heights - both figuratively and literally!

We strongly stand for unity, inclusiveness and empowering each other to rise together beyond our individual limits.

Through acroyoga we become more than a community, we become a family.

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