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Bali is OPENING UP! - We have some Acro Events to SHARE...

It's been a long time coming, but Bali is finally opening up!

acroyoga retreat

I have stayed in Bali throughout the whole of the pandemic!

I think this was a pretty good decision in the end as we were very lucky to not have too strict rules here, and we were able to carry on doing acro for the most part.

On the other side Bali and Indonesia have been quite strict on their entry requirements in terms of quarantine, visas and just making it viable for travelers to come and visit.

So the economy which relies on tourism heavily has suffered here.

I also struggled for much of the time as a yoga and acroyoga teacher, having way less students and opportunities available.

acro yoga bali

Thankfully that is all coming to an end now!

Bali has reintroduced it's Visa on arrival, meaning tourists can visit and pay $35 at the airport for a 30 day tourist visa.

As opposed to the almost $500 business visa that people were entering on before.

They have also significantly reduced quarantine to 3 days, in which you don't actually have to quarantine if you have a negative test result.

So this is all amazing indicators that tourism will come back to life in Bali finally.

In some ways it will be a shame, as it's been very nice and peaceful here with no traffic, and a more core community that stayed.

However Bali really needs the tourism, and I will be happy to see more students in classes for sure, haha!

With all this in mind, we can finally announce and plan some of our next events that some of you may want to visit Bali to come and be a part of!

The first is our upcoming 50hr Acroyoga Foundation Training course here in Ubud.

We are collaborating with a very experienced and professional Yoga training school called Yoga Union to deliver this 50hr continued education course.

acroyoga training

This will be a 1-week dive into all of the foundational poses, movements, and theory of acroyoga.

Our intention is to make this course the most valuable in giving someone the best possible foundations for their acroyoga practice.

So if you are a beginner, or have never even tried acro before, you will walk away understanding all of the fundamentals, key poses and movements, and also non-physical skills to grow your practice over time in the best way!

We have created a super valuable almost 100 page manual for this training, and I am super excited to finally share acro in a really impactful way, that I know will give a huge benefit to those participating.

If you're interested to know more the information can be found here:

The second event that I want to announce that I'm quite excited about as it has been 2 years in the making, is our AcroSpirit Festival!

We had originally began planning this before the pandemic, and we have had to postpone and postpone.

But finally we are confident to go ahead and run this towards the end of this year (Planning on November/December).

acroyoga near me

I know it's a little way away, but I wanted to announce it now as I think this will be such an epic event!

This is undoubtedly going to be one of the key acro calendar highlights of the year in Asia.

We will be bringing in many different skilled acro teachers, and just making it an incredibly valuable, fun and amazing acro celebration for 3 days with workshops on workshops on workshops all for different levels of acroyoga.

So whether you're a beginner or super advanced, there will be something for everyone to enjoy and learn.

For now, we don't have an event link to share for this, but keep your eye out because we will be announcing it officially in the next weeks/months. (consider this your insider scoop for being subscribed to our emails, you get to find out before everyone else!)

As you can probably tell I'm quite happy that Bali is finally opening again. If you do plan on visiting please feel free to message me as I'll be very happy to help in any way I can!

Hopefully see you soon!

acroyoga retreat

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