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Do you Practice both FLYING and BASING?

I've had quite a few conversations recently with people about doing both roles in acro.

My opinion on this aspect of the practice is that I think it is generally not done enough.

Of course specialization is important, it's hard to progress far in 2 things let alone 1.

But in the case of Acroyoga I believe learning more about one side compliments and increases your understanding and ability in the other side.

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I am obviously more specialised as a base personally, but I like to think I'm an adequate flyer as well.

I can fly most washing machines okay, and can fly a hand to hand and some pops and even a few whips.

My technique and awareness leaves a lot to be desired as a flyer for sure, haha.

But I have also dedicated almost 80-90% of my acro practice to basing and the rest to flying.

Whilst I of course want to go much further still as a base it is also on my mind to practice flying more.

I am actually thinking at some point to take an acroyoga training or intensive retreat purely as a flyer with a dedicated base, so that I can really improve my flying skills.

And I would really encourage this same attitude to you too.

acroyoga learn basing flying community counter balance

Not only will you increase your understanding of the movements and the skills from a different perspective, but you will more importantly gain more empathy.

Having more empathy for the other role is massive in Acroyoga!

Because I've tried flying hand to hands, whips, needles, and castaways I know exactly how freaking scary, weird and disorientating these moves can feel to fly.

This just allows me to be so much more compassionate and patient when I'm training these moves with a flyer as well.

Because I know and can understand what they are feeling and thinking.

It works in reverse too, whenever flyers try basing moves they haven't before they often gain a lot of understanding and empathy of how difficult it can feel.

acroyoga learn base flyer community lady base

I think this is also one of the beautiful and unique areas and aspects of AcroYoga in that you can do both roles and each is so different in the feeling, skills, movements and understanding that you need to have.

So here is my challenge to you this week...

If you regularly base, or regularly fly.

Try dedicating a good portion of your jam, training or practice to challenge yourself in the other role and try new movements you haven't before.

Then see how much more empathy it gives you for the other role :)

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