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The Journey is the goal... (A lesson Acroyoga has taught me)

This idea or principle that 'The journey is the goal' is something that I've truly begun to appreciate thanks to Acroyoga.

For whatever reason Acro more than any other practice or sport that I've undertaken has shown me that progress is not linear.

It's also not easy or sometimes very easy to unlock and learn new skills.

Because of this I think that if you are very goal oriented in acro you may not be very satisfied from it as a practice.

Acro yoga class

It's taken me more than a year to unlock some skills, and it's obviously satisfying when I do, but not enough to warrant a years investment to achieve it (it's only worth it because I enjoy the journey).

Also it's taken me a matter of minutes or moments to unlock some skills and that can be satisfying or less satisfying too.

So I have found that I am much more able to enjoy the journey and the process of learning in acro and growing these days.

I appreciate and accept that some days things work and some days they don't, and that progress really is not linear (progress in acro often feels like a squiggly line that is slowly sloping upwards).

By accepting that and learning to enjoy the process, and enjoy the ups and downs.

Try to learn from them, it gives me a better appreciation and feeling of satisfaction overall in the practice.

This helps me not get upset or down if 1 specific training session doesn't go very well, because it is a necessary step and part of the journey that I'm taking.

Plus you can still celebrate when you have a good training session or you do achieve a milestone or unlock a hard skill, because that is still part of the journey too. :)

I think acro is so much fun and enjoyable anyway that it lends itself to helping us appreciate the journey.

Acroyoga class

So this is a suggestion or reminder to you to focus on the journey, see the whole process and journey as the goal, and then you will always stay motivated.

You will always enjoy training sessions even if they are good or bad, and you will go further and achieve more than if you just focussed on some specific goals.

At the moment I am facing a new step in my acro journey due to my regular acro partner facing a lengthy injury.

There will be lessons learnt and things to enjoy about this step in my acro journey.

So I look forward to it, even though it is a difficult situation to be facing for me and for her.


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