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The second episode of The Acroyoga Show has just released on YouTube

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

In this episode, we are giving you a sneak peek preview of what's to come on The Acroyoga Show.

We are giving some detail on what episode types you can expect to see every week on the channel.

Plus we share some really funny, awesome content of what's to come.

Trust me, this is a good one!

I don't want to spoil more, plus there's only so much I can really share in writing.

So just hit the link and head on over directly to watch the full episode for yourself.


We would love to have your support by letting us know what you think of this episode and the channel in general, with comments or feedback.

This will help us improve to bring you bigger and better content in future episodes.

Thanks and see you inside the episode!


Today we're gonna give you a sneak peek of what you can expect on The Acroyoga Show.

Welcome to the second episode of The Acroyoga Show.

My name is Brent and today we're going to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect in our episodes.

We're going to cover advice, entertainment and reviews, joined to meet the today or the other hosts Caspian, Callan and Sheryl.


As we went over in our first episode, our intention for this channel is to bring new people to Acroyoga, help you build communities in your area, develop a deep friendship, and whatever part of the Acroyoga journey you're on, we're here to help you grow.


Here at The Acroyoga Show, we have a variety of knowledge, experience and teaching practice between us four your hosts as well as within the larger community that we have here.

Not all of us are experts in acro yoga, we are practising and going on our own journey. We're not Cirque du Soleil artists just yet.

And in my case, I've been practising acro for two to three years, I've been dedicated to being a cheeky acro monkey. We want to show you that this is an accessible practice.

As I said, I've been doing this a couple of years if you follow our journey, and we're going to give you advice, tips, guidance on how to get involved in acro and get started.

And you can see that you'll be doing some of this stuff in less time than you think.

And we also want to show you the nitty gritty the real stuff behind Aroyoga, how we train how it looks to communicate, have a partner you know the things that sometimes go wrong, the fails the injuries, how to avoid this stuff.

Really, we want to show you what you maybe don't see on Instagram accounts of those pretty super famous acro yogis and the beautiful stuff we want to be real with you.


Firstly, we will be sharing some advice episodes, things like how to fall or not to fall, how to get started with your Acroyoga journey, and where to touch or not to touch people during your Acroyoga practice, and some top tips for you. So, escalate your Acroyoga journey, the list of episodes we've created is endless and keep growing.

There are so many interesting advice that we want to share with you.

For this, we will team up with many people around us.

Beginners in our communities, our teachers, and other people that very good in their field may be talking about injuries how to also avoid injuries.

So you do not only hear the opinion, opinion from us, but also hear an opinion from other people that are very expert in their field.


We will be bringing you review episodes where we're going to cover Acroyoga products, like the acro back, Acroyoga trainings, and all other sorts of acro yoga-related gear, we're gonna do the hard work.

So you don't have to, it's gonna be a fun process.

We're gonna bring you on the journey, tell you what is good, what is bad, what could be better, and do all the fun things for you.

So you can know what Acroyoga gear to get will cover Acroyoga products, yoga products, trainings, free resources, everything that we wish we had access to and the things that we did have access to, so you can learn from us and take your acro journey to the next level.


Lastly, we will be filming entertainment episodes.

We're all a little excited about this one.

Acroyoga is meant to showcase how you can fill your life with fun and laughter.

From our silly training sessions to our epic fails to our miscommunications between language barriers, to those awkward moments that happened during ours jams, our acro performances, retreats, to just all the fun, exciting things that happen behind the scenes when we're gonna let you in on it.

The best part is these shows write themselves there is no scripting involved. We're so excited to give this to you because we've been talking about filming this ridiculousness that happens behind the scenes for a while now.

Stay tuned!!

These episodes are gonna be epic, and we're gonna bring you into our world.


Take one


We hope you are as excited as us to bring you The Acroyoga Show.

We'll be releasing two episodes every week.

So if you want to follow along, you know what to do.


And in the next episode, we're going to give you some reasons to start Acroyoga if you don't already do it.

So don't miss out, hit subscribe, hit like this way and join us for some fun!

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