What is an Acro Jam? (Hint: it's not a yummy condiment)

I had an enquiry recently from someone about what really is an Acro Jam and how best to manage a jam and the different groups and levels.

So I figured this may be useful for everyone to know...

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Acroyoga Community

An AcroYoga jam in my view is a space for community, for practice, for play and for connection.​ ​ I consider it a bit like how a social dance works.

People can come to an acro jam to share their practice with each other, to have a good time playing together, and to essentially celebrate this practice that they love and use it as an expression for joy and fun.

In our communities we typically start with a short opening circle and share.

We introduce ourselves and how we feel, or what we want to practice today.

This is an opportunity to welcome new people into the community and already start to build some connection with them.

Then we may also encourage or lead some group warm ups, connection games to build more rapport and get people interacting with each other. It's not always necessary but again can be very nice when there's new people to help them feel welcome.