Why Does Almost Everyone Struggle with Side Star?

Updated: Mar 29

Side Star is one of those beginner moves, that is so difficult and uncomfortable when you start!

acro yoga side star

I don't know about you, but in my own experience, and in my experience of teaching acro, side star is time and again one of the hardest poses to understand and unlock as a beginner flyer.

Even if you're more advanced I'm sure you can probably remember the frustration and difficulty of learning side star.

And can now recognize how easy and effortless it is to fly with more experience and practice.

This is how it is for me at least.

standing acro yoga side star

When I started flying side stars it felt incredibly uncomfortable, painful, and very difficult to stay balanced at all.

Now I can fly it with no problem with relative ease, and even on beginner bases, which I sometimes do when teaching, to help explain the move.

Before we get into the technical aspect of the pose and how to make it easier.

I want to first address why it is difficult, and how this is also representative of many other skills in acro that are challenging to learn.