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How To Protect Your Back While L-Basing in Acroyoga

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

We've been working hard to design The AcroBack just for YOU!

acroback acroyoga yoga pillow for back

But before I go further, if you're reading this and wondering what the hell is The AcroBack?

Then let me help explain...

acroback acroyoga beginner

The AcroBack is an acroyoga support pillow designed to protect and support your lower back, hamstrings, spine, and hips while l-basing.

prillow acroback acroyoga training

It is also ideal for bases with tight hamstrings, as it eases the angle and loading on the hamstrings.

It also provides protection and impact absorption for advanced bases throwing pops and Icarian skills.

Plus it is so damn comfortable to base on, it reduces stress and strain on your joints and allows you to base for longer and with more comfort.

It really does provide SO many benefits in one great Acroyoga prop. Trust me, I would know...

acroback acroyoga beginner acro pad

I've been doing acro for years without one. Now I've been hooked on The AcroBack for over a year because it really has made a massive difference in my practice.

I never practice acro without my AcroBack now.

Now you have an idea of what I'm talking about, let me share this exciting update with you.

We are starting by shipping a few over to Singapore as we love the community there, and I know several bases who I think will really benefit from it.

Once the first ones go out to Singapore and we make sure they arrive as planned, then we will be opening up to a variety of different international countries to ship to.

acroback yoga wedge pillow acro basing

It's pretty exciting as we think this is going to be such a game changer for many bases.

We are really keen to help get them to the less experienced or developed communities around the world, and in the hands of those that can really benefit from it.

I believe it provides so much benefit that it is more than worth the price that you'll pay for it. Don't just take my word for it, get one today and give it a try!

The AcroBack has got your back ;)

acroback acro yoga pillow for back
acroback prillow acro yoga pillow for back

If you would like to know more about The AcroBack then you can find all of the information on our website:

If you have any questions about how it will help you etc. then please check out all the details on the link above, and also feel free to ask me and I will happily answer as openly and honestly as possible.

acroback acroyoga near me


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