• Laura

How's Your Acroyoga Body Awareness?

Imagine you’re upside down in a headstand, handstand or a pose like star...

And someone asks you: ‘could you rotate your hips to the right, shift your weight a bit to the left and move your butt back’.

Would you be able to translate those cues into the right movement?

acroyoga sunset beach surfing

As a flyer I want to share with you my personal experience on how I feel my body awareness influences my practice.

​ But first; what is body awareness?

​ I would describe it as how conscious and connected you are to your own body.

Basically it’s how you recognize where your body is in space.

The ability to notice the position and movement of body parts and to direct it to do what you want it to do.

This all comes with a strong mind-body connection.