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You DON'T Need to Specialise in Acro to be Amazing at it!

With these honest reviews, from my student and a beloved friend and one of our community member. How she thinks, she has to be like this or that to become an Acro practitioner. But after she took private sessions with me. She has a different way of looking at herself and Acroyoga itself.

One of my private students recently told me she wasn't sure about continuing in acro.

She said she felt like me and others were really specialised in acro and she felt she was more generalised and liked doing many different things.

Therefore she believed she could never be good at it, and never reach a high level in acro.

acroyoga yoga student learning beginners fun classes

It kind of came as a surprise to me to be honest, as she had been progressing pretty well in all of our sessions.

But I totally understand it.

It's normal when we compare ourselves to others to create stories and limit beliefs in our minds.

I do it too.

And that's exactly what I told her.

I told her that I follow acrobats and circus artists on Instagram, and I doubt I will ever reach their level.

I assume that they are really specialised and dedicated and train every single day, and train harder than I do (but I don't actually know that, that's a story I have in my mind of why I can't be as good as them).

But what I have come to realise in acro and in life, in general, is that if you don't give up and just keep working on something, you eventually will succeed.

When I started acro I doubted I would ever get to the level that I'm at now.

I'm still doing things now that 1 year ago I doubted I could do.

So I know that it's possible to go further than you think and to overcome those stories that are limiting your belief of what you're capable of.

Now the other part of this puzzle is addressing that I'm not actually specialised in acro.

I have been dedicating a lot of my time and energy to this practice in the past years for sure.

But I still consider myself a generalist too as I love to do and have done so many different sports and activities throughout my life.

This is also exactly what I told her.

Of course, how much time your dedicate and specialise will affect how much you progress or how quickly you progress maybe.

acroyoga yoga student learning beginners

But I strongly believe you don't need to specialise in this practice to reach a certain level.

You just need to not give up!

Keep showing up consistently, even if that's only once or twice a week, and over time you will reach a point and look back and realise that you are further than you originally thought was even possible.

That is actually now my main goal with Acroyoga...

To never give up this practice.

Because I know if I achieve that, everything else will fall into place.

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You're amazing woooo!!!!. You're the best teacher.


Hello, and welcome back to The Acroyoga Show. Today, I've got a special episode for you. I was completely blown away by this student's review of our community and our classes and our teaching. So let's hear what Siljia has to say.


Hello, I'm Siljia. I'm, I was a former yoga teacher. Now I'm a spiritual marketing trainer for yoga teachers. And I show them how to build an online yoga business.

I'm here in Bali since one and a half years, and I joined the AcroSpirit community around October last year, and I deeply, deeply fall in love with this community.

So the first time that I did actually that was actually back in Germany, where I'm from it was 2017.

And the interesting thing is, for me, I was so scared of Acroyoga. Like when I first did it, like I started embarrassed, and I thought I would die, I would crashed there, I would break my neck and there was so much fear coming up.

I'm so remember, it was a friend of mine, she was super enthusiastic with Acroyoga. That's like very common with Acroyogis they are like super enthusiastic, and they want to infect the whole the whole friends that they have.

And so remember, like, how we played in her living room, and I was like, oh God, like oh, my gosh, what's happening, what's happening. And then I went to some beginner workshops. But because I'm pretty tall.

In Germany, I was always mostly basing. And then I start traveling. So I was basing a little bit I was joining like communities here and there. But I didn't really found "the community" that I really liked. Because what it was mostly about Acrobatic, and what's mostly about achieving something.

And I like for me, because I have my own business, I achieve a lot there. And I don't need to achieve something. When I do sport, I'm mostly doing sport, because it's good for my body, I want to be healthy, I want to be fit, and I want to be part of a community.

When I started doing Acroyoga here, I was very shy about the community. And I was like, I don't know they would be and then I went to the retreat that gave in Munduk, and I met them all and they were so hard opening people and they welcomed me.

And for me, to be honest, that was the first time that I met a community that was so open to other people. And so welcoming to other people, mostly communities are very close.

There's like this leader, and he's like choosing who was like welcome and who's not and this community was really about how you show up as a person, are you good person do you like to play?

Do you bring something to the community. So that was something completely new. And I'm really, really grateful because I found my passion for Acroyoga, I found more of a feeling from our body from playfulness.

Like for me as especially because I'm German as a German, you're not very playful anymore, you have to achieve something, you have to do something, you can't sit still and do nothing. It's like not in our German nature.

So for me to find my own inner child again, and to play to roll and to, to be with other people and create something and to but also to cheer myself. So I'm always like, I'm now getting private Acroyoga session with Caspian.

And, like all the time when we do a new move, like we are like, we are high fiving each other. And what I really like about him is that he encouraged me. And he's not a teacher who would force me into something that I wouldn't like or where I'm really afraid of he finds the little points to get me to a certain point.

And that's very rare for me as a teacher I've met a lot of because I'm a yoga teacher by myself, I met so many yoga teachers who forced you into that into something, even though it's not the yogi way actually when we are honest.

But to have a teacher who's really encouraging, who's cheerful, and who sees the best in me and who sees like I can do it, even though I can't even see it. That's actually makes a pretty good teacher like somebody who sees that you can do it and who trust you and he actually helped me to rebuild my trust and man.

I was, before I started with Acroyoga I was really afraid of men and to be close to men and a physical contact because of like experience that I had on my past and through Acroyoga and through this community and special and through the private session with Caspian I rebuild my trust a man I learned that I can play with a man without being fearful that he would touch me in a sexual way that I wouldn't like that my boundaries are of course respected, my boundaries would never be crossed.

And that is something that is super healing for me. And I would, especially women who have maybe trust issues with men who had experience with men, where their boundaries where and where their boundaries were and respected.

Like, even they want to learn to set boundaries. Because with Acroyoga, you learn as a woman to say, like, Oh, your food isn't good there. Oh, you know, I don't feel safe with this move.

You know, you can communicate things that are you normally wouldn't do as a woman, because I was raised of stuff look pretty, like be nice, be smiley. And don't set too much boundaries, because you wouldn't be like if you do so.

So to actually learn to set boundaries and be respected by that, even by a man, that is super, super, something super helpful and super beautiful. So if you're looking for good actor, as a teacher, who really respect to a woman, and who's cheerful, who brings out your inner child, like we always do, like connection games at the beginning, and we are doing it as a gym.

Now, like, at the beginning, I was always like a god, what other people would think. And then and now I'm like, Whatever let's start playing. Where's the connection game? So it's like you actually learn that. Like, it doesn't matter what other people think of you, like you have your own fun, and you create this safe and fun and playful environment where you actually do crazy fucking things with your body.

And you think like, what the fuck? How could I do that? And then you doing it, and he brings you through the movement. And you see like, Wow, that is incredible. So it brings out a lot of endorphine.

And for me personally, as an entrepreneur, I'm learning super much with Acroyoga. I'm learning to be fearless. I'm learning to trust myself, I'm learning to trust others. I'm learning to create community, I learned to be like even a leader.

And I learned to to flow with other people. And that's something that every entrepreneur would need to build a successful business. So for women who have trust issues with men to enterpreneurs really want to be fearless and want to take the next step of their business way of growing, I would recommend it to them. Like it's a beautiful community.

Caspian is an amazing teacher. And I'm very, very deeply grateful that I found this community and what surprised me at the first session, he was really structured. So we had a talk before what I need, what is my goal with Acroyoga? What I want to achieve with Acroyoga? What are my issues like body issues and stuff like that? And I was like, Okay, wow, like, that's a lot of questions that you have there.

And then he really, like he had like the whole list and a whole structure for our first session. And after one session with Caspian, I was surprised what I learned in one session, I was like, what, like, what, what the fuck, like, really, I could I could do that.

So we did like at the first session, and Ninja Star, like Star for the first time for me, like, foot to hand and stuff like that I never really tried at the Jam.

And he gave me from the beginning the feeling that I feel safe. Even though we as a private session, we don't have a spotter, I still feel super safe with him. And that's something that I found really incredible.

Like, how he teaches me through a movement and how he explains everything, and that we do like exercises beforehand. That's really cool. So I'm always super, super safe. He always given gives me homework.

So the exercises that I need the practice to make more like the rounds and things like that of practice strength and he always like we always do some handstand practice as well, that really challenged me, damn,,, I'm so I'm still very afraid.

And he, he doesn't make fun of my fear. And that's like something that I really like about him. There's so many teachers, especially when they don't experience the same fear or don't have the same issues.

They don't, really they can't really relate to their students. And Caspian is somebody where I can really open up and share like my fear and my my brain fog. You know, we all have this brain like this, this mind fog that we have.

And we all have like these crazy stories in our head, and I can share it with him and he you never judge judges me. So I can really trust that he would respect my my fear and still push me through it. And that's something so cool.

So you really push me through my fear without me feeling I'm comfortable in it. And I now booked I think five session I had with him now. And I really increase, like involved every time, like I really feel like okay can do that I could do that.

And the cool thing is now I actually played with some other people after four session with him. And I really felt like when I played with other people, first it was a little bit weird because it was like pay that sunk cost.

And, but still like a fad, like, okay, I can really be a cool player, I can really be somebody that is cool to play with. And that's what what I was always looking for that I go to a Jam and I feel encouraged. I feel, I feel praise, and I feel safe.

And that's something that is super important for me, like I always talk with Caspian about exit strategies, how to roll, how to fall, and things like that, that is so important for me because I want to practice Acroyoga safe.

That's, that was one of my goals that I told Caspian. And he really shows me how to always be saved as a flyer. So whatever the base is doing, I know how to take care of myself. And I really, really love that. And we always do some, some playfulness in between, like, he always cheers at me.

So after I've removed that I'm doing and I'm like ohh God I did it!!! Here we always do the high five. And he's always encouraged me. And what I really like is, you know, I really like a lot is that I get the feeling that he really believes in me.

And I think there's not too many people who gives you that kind of feeling of believing in you, and seeing the best in you. And he really sees me being a very good flier. And that was the thing that I never really thought about me like I started Acroyoga a few years ago, I did it I did a lot of as a base.

And I always had, like, sounds so weird, but I had always issues with my body because I'm pretty tall. And I always thought I'm too tall to be a flyer. I'm not flexible to be to be a flyer and he actually shows me that it doesn't matter how tall I am or how flexible I am or how heavy I am.

Doesn't matter like I'm I can. I can still be a super good flier and I still can have some fun and Some a lot of fun at acroyoga. And he really brings out my inner child, my playfulness, my love for Acroyoga.

He really brings out the best form, from me as a flyer and I really, really appreciate that. He's like, very, very good teacher. He's structured, he's playful. He's encouraging. He sees the best in you and he's safe.

And that's like the thing that I would recommend anywhere in the world where you are.

If you're looking for a yoga teacher, look for this type traits.

That's so important. And if he respects, respect to even as a woman, you know what I mean, when you are a woman, then you you scored.

So highly recommend Caspian as a teacher.


Wow, that was an incredible review. Thank you so much Silja.

She joined our community a few months ago, and she's been one of the best students.

So thank you so much for that.

We really hope you enjoyed this episode of The Acroyoga Show.

You may have noticed in some of our episodes, we're using an Acroback for our basing it this is a support wedge that goes under your back it protects your spine and it actually improves your Acro practice too.

So if you want to get one head to the link below and find out

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