You DON'T Need to Specialise in Acro to be Amazing at it!

With these honest reviews, from my student and a beloved friend and one of our community member. How she thinks, she has to be like this or that to become an Acro practitioner. But after she took private sessions with me. She has a different way of looking at herself and Acroyoga itself.

One of my private students recently told me she wasn't sure about continuing in acro.

She said she felt like me and others were really specialised in acro and she felt she was more generalised and liked doing many different things.

Therefore she believed she could never be good at it, and never reach a high level in acro.

acroyoga yoga student learning beginners fun classes

It kind of came as a surprise to me to be honest, as she had been progressing pretty well in all of our sessions.

But I totally understand it.

It's normal when we compare ourselves to others to create stories and limit beliefs in our minds.

I do it too.