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Are you STUCK in your acroyoga practice? (Haven't seen any improvement recently)?

One of my Acro friends reached out to me the other day and mentioned how they've been getting stuck in their practice and haven't seen any improvements.

Obviously in our current situation where travel is restricted and there aren't tonnes of visiting acroyogis in communities and whatnot it makes some sense.

It made me realise that the moving around of acroyogis, those of us that travel to other communities, share our knowledge, teach workshops and so on, are so vital to the spreading and sharing of acroyoga!

Without new ideas, new faces, new techniques and new approaches, communities can get stagnant and boring.

Then you might end up getting stuck in your acro practice!

It makes me super grateful for being in Bali and that this is such a hotspot for travellers, and whilst it can sometimes make our acrocommunity a little fluctuant, it brings with it a massive variety of knowledge and people.

I have for sure benefited from this over the past years being here, being able to learn lots and connect with tonnes of awesome acroyogis from around the world.

It also leads into why we are still planning to run our Bali Acro Festival here later this year once travel restrictions have hopefully eased.

Bringing more variety of acroyoga teachers and students here to learn share and grow will be such a beneficial thing for our community.

It's also why we want to partner with other teachers and leaders to come share workshops here or us to share workshops in your countries so we can spread more knowledge to each other.

So if you are struggling and stuck in your practice, I have a few suggestions that could help you...

  • Maybe reach out to your community leaders and seek their advice.

  • Reach out to travelling acroyoga teachers and encourage them to visit your community.

  • Reach out to me, I am happy to talk and help in any way I can.

  • If you're able to, go visit a different community or better yet visit an acroyoga festival.

  • Take lessons online to learn new content.

  • Search social media for inspiration.

Obviously these all depend on your unique situation, but I think connecting with others is the essential root to solving the issue of being stuck in yourpractice.

I want to finish this blog by saying if you are getting stuck don'tworry, it happens to everyone at some points.

Especially with the global situation right now.

Just try some of the above suggestions if you think they will help, and if you really need some inspiration or to learn something new, please reach out to me.

I'm happy to help, share inspiration and advice, or even offer private sessions online or in person if you need a serious acro boost!





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