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The AcroBack Turtle Is Winning the Race, Slow and Steady!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

I wanted to share an update on our AcroBack project, as it's something we as a team have put a lot of time and energy into over the past years.

the acroback acro pad

acroback acroyoga retreat

In case you aren't already aware what The AcroBack is, feel free to check it out here:

acroback acroyoga training

But the update I wanted to share is that we've been growing and spreading the AcroBack out to different communities.

We have created collaborations and partnerships with some awesome studios and acro teachers in a variety of countries, and we have more on the horizon coming soon!

We are super happy to have the support and collaboration with these people to help share our little turtle baby.

acroback back support wedge

In the UK, we are partnering with Acroyoga Sanctuary.

The amazing acro team that produces epic youtube flows and content.

They currently have stock that you can order if you're in the UK to get yours, plus you'll be able to find the AcroBacks at their festivals and workshop events.

In Singapore, we are partnering with Jyan Yoga.

She's an incredible acroyoga teacher that runs her own yoga studio in Singapore called Jyan Yoga Studio.

The stock is arriving to Singapore as I write this email, so it should be available for purchase in the studio in the next day or two!

In Japan, we are partnering with Masako.

She's an amazing Acroyoga and movement flow teacher out in Japan. @msk_masako on Instagram.

She has only a few stock left, so if you want to purchase one you can message her directly!

In Poland, we are partnering with Kacper and Juliya.

They are a super friendly pair of acroyoga teachers that run their community in Poland.

I believe they've already sold their full stock of AcroBacks, but if you are in Poland and want one, message me and I can put you in contact. @acroyoygi on Instagram.

acroback acroyoga beginner

On top of our global partners, we are now in even more shops here in Bali.

Plus we have actually now just delivered a batch of stock to the Yoga Barn in Bali as props for their weekly acro classes.

So anytime you come to a Yoga Barn acro class you'll be able to use an AcroBack!

acroback acroyoga poses

If you think your country or acro community would benefit from having some AcroBacks, please get in contact with us.

We would be happy to arrange a collaboration with you and help protect more bases backs!

acroback acro yoga benefits

acroback acroyoga poses

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