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Use The AcroBack to Practice Acroyoga with Lower Back Pain

I have a few herniated discs in my back which led me to create The AcroBack.

For nearly a year, I had trouble walking, using stairs, and even sitting. I was in immense pain to the point that the doctors said that I would need surgery to walk again. Instead, I drove down into the root of my problem and flipped my lifestyle upside down. This all led to a self healing journey to fix my back.

Acroyoga equipment

I spent the next several years exploring physical therapy and yoga. Ultimately, I discovered acroyoga. At the time, the additional weight and force of another human on my legs transferred down to my back and cause pain while L basing. Then The AcroBack was born.

I brought The AcroBack to class and jams where other acro yogis asked about my new toy. My friends asked if they could get their own AcroBack so I made a few more. Before I knew it, I started a waitlist for those who wanted The AcroBack.

Acroyoga pillow
Manufacturing The AcroBack

The AcroBack adds a layer of comfort and ergonomic support that is essential to anyone L basing. It is amazing to me that such a small prop could make such a big difference. Whether the base as a tight lower back like I did or strong hamstrings, The AcroBack provides substantial relief allowing people who would not be able to practice Acroyoga to do so. Just like me.

These days, I don't even consider practicing Acroyoga without The AcroBack. Not only does it provide the comfort and support, but it allows me to practice acro yoga which in turn strengthens my core allowing my lower back to relax. In a way, Acroyoga is helping to keep my back and check and prevent me from injuring my back further.

acroyoga equipment

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would be manufacturing The AcroBack. When you find something that helps the world and can alleviate pain, it changes everything.

If you have lower back pain like I do, I feel for you. Don't let it stop you doing the things you love. It is only a challenge to overcome if you face it head on. I hope that The AcroBack can help you take on this challenge and open up the world of Acroyoga for you.

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