How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries in your acro practice...

Last, I talked about the reasons we are susceptible to shoulder injuries in our acro practices.

But that shouldn't create fear, and it doesn't mean we can't practice those cool moves in acro.

It just means we need to be a little bit more aware, and sensible in how we practice.

Plus I am going to share some general points and tips now on how to avoid shoulder issues and injuries in acro that you can use and apply!

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First of all is prehab and warming up.

This is often overlooked, and not actually valued enough.

Because we don't see the direct benefit of it, but actually every time we do proper prehab and warm-ups we are reducing the risk of injuries and issues.

For me when I am about to do a standing acro session I will spend a good portion of time warming up my shoulders, core and legs a lot.

For the shoulders I do some static and dynamic hanging exercises (just hanging holds, L-sit holds, or swinging one arm to the other) and some pull-ups. These are great for activating your shoulders, for getting blood flowing and pumping.

It's the opposite muscles to the pushing that you will use in acro, but it's still super valuable.