I LOVE Acroyoga Retreats

Updated: Mar 16

I just got back from our AcroSpirit Acroyoga Retreat in Amed, Bali and it was so damn good! ​ This was I think our 6th or 7th AcroSpirit retreat, and it honestly feels like everyone gets better and better each time. ​ This retreat especially just re-highlighted and illuminated how much I love sharing Acro and how special these retreats really are! ​ Sadly due to covid lockdowns, it had been 5 months since our previous Acro retreat. ​ So I think I was starting to forget how it felt to lead one of these events and how rewarding it can be.

acroyoga bali retreat

I am super grateful that we managed to make this one happen, and I am actually very excited to organize the next one. ​ This particular retreat was a bit of a challenge, delaying several times due to lockdown and restrictions. ​ So for it to finally come together and with a beautiful bunch of students, it was really special. ​ The community vibes, the amazing feedback that we got, and just the interactions and shared energy throughout the retreat were the biggest highlights for me. ​ Plus it doesn't even feel like so much effort leading the retreat because I get to be part of it too, and very much participate in all of the activities. ​ It's kind of like an acro retreat for myself too! :) ​

acroyoga bali retreat

So anyway, as I'm on a high right after this retreat, I want to share what we got up to and my favorite bits from an awesome weekend. To give you an insight into what one of these events is like. ​ First off, we ran this event in Amed which is on the far east coast of Bali. ​ It's a diving hub that attracts some tourism for its dive spots, calm oceans, and nice warm weather. ​ The retreat we choose was nice and isolated and situated right on the beach itself. ​ So we had amazing views of the ocean, and also a really nice pool and yoga shala. ​ We started off the retreat with an opening circle and some icebreaker games and name games so that everyone got comfortable with each other. ​ Then we moved straight into the first acro class which was good fun! ​ In actuality the class was maybe a little bit too challenging for the level of students, so we ended up adjusting the content down and in the following classes, which ended up working out really nicely. ​ After the acro class, we had a nice group dinner and then headed down to the beach for a bonfire hangout and music jam. ​ This was probably one of my highlights of the retreat, being super cozy on the beach with a roaring fire and getting to play guitar and sing songs together is always so much fun.