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Opening and Closing Circles (at jams and classes)

I want to share one of my favourite aspects of an Acroyoga class or jam today...

Opening/Closing Circles.

acroyoga jam

Normally in every acro class, retreat or workshop we open and close with a seated circle where everyone has a turn to speak.

In classes that often involves sharing your name at the start of class and your acro experience, and at the end of class sharing what you learned or enjoyed etc.

I want to tell you why I think this is such an integral part of an acro practice, and also why we've started implementing it in all of our jams now too.

acroyoga class

I think the reason this is so powerful and important is that it promotes and encourages everyone to speak, to share and to listen to others too.

As I've mentioned countless times already, communication is at the heart of a solid acro practice, so giving this opportunity for everyone to connect and take a moment to communicate as a whole group is super important.

Simple communication in a group setting begins to build trust, understanding and acceptance.

acroyoga retreat

I've also come to realise, that for the most part, most of us humans are pretty terrible, especially as we get older, at truly expressing our emotions and sharing how we feel with others.

So when in a circle at the end of a session and you are invited to answer the question what did you enjoy today...

The answers are awesome, you see people sharing and giving praise to others they practiced with, and I feel without the question prompting that, it would never have been shared.

Nowadays I typically like to ask at the start of a session during the openinghow people feel. Emotionally and physically.

I think this is super valuable as it leads to understanding for others of where someone is at.

For example if I share that I'm feeling weak and tired, but excited to play.

Then someone hearing that can understand that maybe they need to go slowly when playing together, but that I still do want to do acro even if my body isn't fully able to go full power.

Communication like this always leads to better understanding in my opinion.

acro jam

Lastly the reason I like the opening and closing circles so much is because of the equality.

In a circle everyone is equal, everyone gets to share and speak and listen equally. No one is dominating the conversation, and everyone can feel of equal value as a member of our community or that specific event.

If your community or classes don't currently involve some sharing circles I really encourage you to start.

Or if you are training 1 on 1 with a partner you can just do a sharing 1 on 1 at the start and end of your training.

I mentioned about this before in a previous email regarding intention setting as well, and this is a similar thing.

I hope you like the sharing circles as much as I do, and if you ever come to an event of ours you can look forward to taking an equal seat in the circle! :)

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