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AMAZING Insights from AcroYoga's original founder - Jason Nemer!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Communities give us the opportunity to connect with other people and we at AcroSpirit really value getting to know other people.

It enriches our lives to share experiences and emotions and deepens our understanding and quality of life.

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The AcroYoga community allows us to connect with people that share the same passion and therefore we recognize similar interests, values, and personalities in each other. These commonly shared traits make it easier to feel connected. There are some personality trades that I see in most acroyogis. Most of us are playful and social people who value quality communication and authentic relating.

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I love that we can inspire each other. I want to give the podium to a man who has been an inspiration for me and many more acroyogis. So with joy, I write this so that you can get to know the individual who…

  • Is the co-founder of AcroYoga International

  • Who represented the US at the World Championships of Sports Acrobatics in Beijing at the age of 16!

  • Who has written 3 books about AcroYoga

On his website you can read a little bit about him:

‘I want to live in a world where strangers from different cultures can become friends through the joy of playfulness. Seeing people shift their beliefs about themselves, each other and the world is what motivates me. I am forever amazed at how a first AcroYoga flight can dissolve barriers of language and country, or how one improvement on a handstand can invigorate new possibilities of strength, balance, and progress.’

Do you already know who I’m talking about?

Jason Nemer!

Now, why am I so inspired by him? Obviously, he is incredibly talented and skilled at acroyoga. Following him on Instagram and seeing his technique motivates me to grow and expand my own skills and aim for clean and safe techniques. His background in competitive acrobatics is something I feel a lot of respect for. From the age of 13 till 23 he trained to become a world champion acrobat. The amount of dedication, determination, mental strength, interpersonal skills, persistence, and discipline you need to pursue this is incredible. But most of all: I love his openness and find his reflections very valuable. He understands and embodies that AcroYoga is about, as he says; ‘exploring what is possible and fun’ versus competitive acrobatics being about ‘going to win a competition. Apart from following his Instagram for his pictures and videos, his written captions are also little treasures... like this one:

'COVID-19 has completely turned my life and ability to teach AcroYoga globally upside down and/but it’s given me so much time to work on my book and organize the biggest offering of my life to date. I am going deep into my practices and finding ways to keep my spirits up in the face of certain obstacles and many uncertain variables. I hope we all can find the gems as we mine the deeper aspects of who we are and what we want to step towards once we have more freedom back.’

Many of his content feeds me with some insight, a reflection, or a reminder. With him sharing certain personal things I feel like over time I got to know him better and better. I highly recommend checking it and following his Instagram account!

I reached out to him asking if he was willing to answer three questions so that you all could get some valuable insights from him! I feel so grateful that he was so kind to take the time to write us deep and meaningful answers...

#1 Looking back on your acro journey; what advice would you give yourself when you started acro?

"Slow down and feel more. Doing is less important than feeling. Maturity, age, experience seems to have slowed me down and for me, that has made life richer instead of something to win or conquer."

acroyoga beach pose

#2 Is there a non-physical tip or advice you can give about that proved really valuable to you?

"Friendship is the basis of all relationships and all relationships are built on trust and positive investments. I can love my mother more than a stranger and as I learn to treat them both as a friend first, I have the same potential to grow with my mother and a stranger."

acroyoga jam play

#3 What was a challenge for you in acro and how did you deal with it?

"It was hard for me when people started running their own AcroYoga teacher training. I talked to them, shared how I felt, and over time realized that the more people that do AcroYoga the more we all win, I could see the benefit of other training popping up all over the world." What great take-aways:

  • Slow down and feel more.

  • Friendship is the basis of all relationships and all relationships are built on trust and positive investments.

  • The more people do AcroYoga the more we all win.

Jason: thank you so much for sharing your talent with this world and for letting us get to know you. When you next come back to Bali you’ll have a warm welcome here!

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